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Andrey Markov Officer
Attack: 45
Defense: 45
Race Human
Role Special
Attribute Intellect

Andrey Markov
The Privatdozent: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Mechanized raids

(172,200 damage, 229,600 against Mechanized raids)

Andrey Markov is the self-proclaimed founder and Privatdozent of the Stochastic Combat Process -- a method for predicting the future of a battle situation by its present state of random variables. He leads an army of Stochastic soldiers, who have been known to turn the tide of key battles against the Centurians.

"It's like chaos to clusters," explained Andrey. "Imagine you're playing a game of historical 20th century Earth's ping-pong. Except instead of playing with one ball, you're playing with a billion balls. The paddle you're using is actually two oars, as in two adjacent arms attached perpendicularly to create dual oar spoons, twice. And then, this whole ping-pong match is taking place inside of a giant cylinder under zero gravity conditions. Oh, and the balls will explode at varying intervals of time. You're also being observed by a Rylattu, and you're naked."

"But what does this whole hyperbole have to do with warfare?" you asked, feeling incredulous.

The Privatdozent smirked. "Nothing really, I just like imagining an exaggerated version of ping-pong. But putting things in perspective, warfare is like static. It's a Stochastic soldier's function during times of battle to look into that disarray of lasers and explosions, then unravel the unseen outcome."

Obtained from

The Crazy Jalfrezi


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