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Alice Sylana Officer
Attack: 42
Defense: 40
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Discipline

Alice Sylana
Eternal Vengeance: Chance for bonus damage (8% @ 172,200); Small chance for heavy extra damage against Infestation and Space Pox raids (5% @ 258,300); Alice Sylana's Attack increases by 1 if Karla Thundersson is in the ship, and her Defense by 8 if Ryan Kleoph is in the ship
"Nothing's over. There's still more of that filth out there in the galaxy. So I'll find it, and I'll destroy it. When it's wiped out, when no wife and mother will ever have to mourn because of it again, then maybe I'll rest." -- Alice Sylana
Obtained from

Lab: Alice Sylana2

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)