LotS/Ahab the Worldhunter

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Ahab the Worldhunter Officer
Attack: 48
Defense: 36
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Special

Ahab the Worldhunter
From Hell's Heart: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Alien Beast raids (11% @ 186,550/243,950; AV+1000/1300)
For half a lifetime Ahab has haunted the stars, alone in his battered old skiff. He stalks the monster that swallowed up his world.

The trail has led him through the lights of a hundred systems, drawn him across the gulfs between the stars. His harpoon is ever close at hand, tipped with a thermonuclear warhead and varnished with hate.

His obsession eats away the years.

Obtained from

Lab: Ahab the Worldhunter


Ahab the Worldhunter's attack and defense increase by 1 for each Planetbuster Missile Data owned