LotS/'Spectral' Saal

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'Spectral' Saal Officer
Attack: 78
Defense: 59
Race Sussurra
Role Special
Attribute Agility

'Spectral' Saal
Thriller from Serilla: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Human raids; Extra damage for each of the following in the ship: Vikki 'The Vampire' Vass, Serilla Specters Blocker, Serilla Specters Medic, Serilla Specters Thrower, Serilla Specters Blitzer
2. "Ouch, Bob!"

"The Stars player spent too long ogling that Siren, Jesse, and he paid for it right there! Think with the wrong head, and the right one might just end up in the cheap seats!"

"That's eight fatalities suffered by the Serilla Stars! Could things get any worse for the home team?"

"Damn right they could! There goes another one!"

"Oh, that Snuuth Siren practically broke her in half! And listen to all those away fans cheering him on!"

"They must be chubby chasers!"

Obtained from

Serilla Specters Vault