LotS/'Cannon-Arm' Kulgwp

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'Cannon-Arm' Kulgwp Officer
Attack: 45
Defense: 23
Race Piscarian
Role Ranged
Attribute Agility

'Cannon-Arm' Kulgwp
Kulgwp's Cannon: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Sussurran Cheerleader in the ship; Extra damage if Sven 'Thor' Thorsen is in the ship

(97,580 damage/ +574 per sussurran cheerleader/ +14,350 if Sven 'Thor' Thorsen is in the ship)

Thugby balls used to be far heavier and hardier than they are today. This change was made for safety reasons (difficult as that is to believe, given the nature of the sport), after a player died intercepting one of 'Cannon-Arm' Kulgwp's passes. To the woman's credit, she caught the ball. But since it ended up halfway through her intestines, it was a Cadmean victory at best. Niflung Storm's own coaches and manager lobbied for the change, fearing that their players might suffer death or serious injury when Kulgwp threw them the ball.
Obtained from

Lab: 'Cannon-Arm' Kulgwp