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This is the ToDo list for the LoH section and who is working on that project, progress, etc...

New Card Template[edit]

Description - The new card template is a work in progress. The goal is to generate something that resembles a card in the game.

  • New Card Template - in my sandbox, getting close for prime time User:Zoycite. - Zoycite (talk)
    • Modify card pages to use br tags instead of new lines - CRITICAL for new template to work - complete
    • Template for border colors - most probably a #switch that returns hex color based on card's - unassigned
    • Template for Sub-type colors - same as above - unassigned
    • Modify Badges on card pages to be 30 width instead of 20. - completed
  • Legenday/Long Image - A special template will have to be created for cards with larger art. Requires normal card template being finished. Without this template legendary images should be cut off right at 275px.
    • Development of template - unassigned