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Beginning of Issue
LoH Cards 194 the crime blotter.jpg The Crime Blotter: I have an assignment for you, PlayerName!

And if Shimmerstorm is correct we are going to be on a tight deadline.

LoH Cards 192 shimmerstorm.jpg The Crime Blotter: With Helios off to who knows when the rest of the Genesis Squadron seemed to think this was a good time to travel off planet and make nice with some aliens.

Half the other heroes from the Meanwhile Squadron and a bunch of your classmates are gone as well.

LoH Cards 276 eye of the storm.jpg The Crime Blotter: I could barely make out Shimmerstorm's warning but something terrible is coming. More dangerous than even The Schism.

I need you to round up some villains and recruit them to help. You may have to physically knock some sense into them but the fate of the whole planet may be on the line.

LoH Cards 255 sunder.jpg The Crime Blotter: I got a tip that some familiar faces have been setting up shop downtown. I would start there.

Do you think you are up for the challenge?

Hideous Monstrosities[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Red Poles
LoH Cards 346 red poles.jpg Red Pole: I am not sure how much we care about the fate of the world.

Much more interested in a little payback from the last time we met.

LoH Cards 341 pole vault.jpg Red Pole: Double or nothing! What do you say?
Beginning of Fight: T-Generates
LoH Cards 346 red poles.jpg Red Pole: If we are ever to get revenge on you the world is going to need to go around the sun a few more times.
LoH Cards 348 the tgenerates.jpg Red Pole: I don't know if the rest of the gang is going to be as agreeable though.

Gorilla T-Generate: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Beginning of Fight: Three-Headed Giant
LoH Cards 349 the three harmonies.jpg The Three Harmonies: We remember you. You thought you were too good to become an underground fighter.

Have you changed your mind? The Emergent Fighting League has too many rules for the public's liking.

LoH Cards 392 three headed giant.jpg The Three Harmonies: The crowd loves a little blood.

Let us show you what we mean.


Beginning of Area: Headshot!
LoH Cards 302 ixnay ostlay.jpg IxNay: Pride of the Phaeton Project once was IxNay.

Aimless is the marksman without the leadership of The Hat. Redemption possibility is it?

Beginning of Fight: 8-Bits
LoH Cards 463 8 bits.jpg 8-Bit: Looking for someone?

Other 8-Bit: Unfortunately you have not found him.

Beginning of Fight: Torrent: Unlikely Ally
LoH Cards 464 torrent freelancer.jpg Torrent: Well if it isn't PlayerName!

I have been reading your email. Looking for ixNay are you?

LoH Cards 167 lay of the land.jpg Torrent: I have to admit that my feelings are a little hurt. After all, I will work with anyone for the right price.
Beginning of Fight: Ixnay: Unlikely Ally
LoH Cards 451 shortest distance.jpg Torrent: I may be a mercenary but I am not going to stand around waiting to get paid while the world blows up around me.

I have passed along word to ixNay and he knows to come looking for you.

LoH Cards 197 torrent.jpg Torrent: What happens when he finds you is entirely up to him.

Heavy Hitters[edit]

Beginning of Area: Heavy Hitters
LoH Cards 290 southside sentry upstart.jpg The Southside Sentry: I can do a lot of the heavy lifting if need be but we are going to need another pair of broad shoulders.

Shoulders don't get much broader than the ones on Sunder. The problem is getting through the thick skull that sits between them.

Beginning of Fight: Sunderlings - Henchmen
LoH Cards 462 sunderlings for.jpg Sunderling: Aw c'mon! I just got this arm out of a cast.

Other Sunderling: Seriously. I am going to learn to use a computer and start committing cybercrimes.

Beginning of Fight: Notch: Unlikely Ally
LoH Cards 191 the notch.jpg The Notch: I never liked you. I got a sweet gig here working for Sunder.

And I am not about to let you mess things up ... again.

Beginning of Fight: Sunder: Unlikely Ally
LoH Cards 461 sunder freelancer.jpg Sunder: Word on the street is that you are looking for a man with a van to do some heavy lifting?
LoH Cards 240 what we need is a distraction.jpg Sunder: You don't mind if I tear it in half first...

And throw it in your stupid face!

Heating Up[edit]

Beginning of Area: Heating Up
LoH Cards 507 crime blotter gumshoe.jpg The Crime Blotter: Good job so far, PlayerName

But with Helios off to who-knows-when, we are going to need a powerful Firesculptor.

LoH Cards 269 home delivery.jpg The Crime Blotter: I am no happier about this than you are.
Beginning of Fight: Trebuchet
LoH Cards 170 time out.jpg Trebuchet: I can't believe you are not even going to ask me to join your little band of villains with a heart of gold!

I won't be ignored!

Beginning of Fight: Kindlings
LoH Cards 251 kindling.jpg Kindling: You want to talk to the boss? You got to go through us first!

Fat Kindling: And about 1200 degrees of white hot fire!

Beginning of Fight: Firerazer: Unlikely Ally
LoH Cards 458 firerazer.jpg Firerazer: What makes you think I would not like to see the world burn?

Granted, I would prefer it to be from a flint I struck.

LoH Cards 213 firestarter.jpg Firerazer: I can be convinced to join your cause...

But not without a fight!

Hitting Your Target[edit]

Beginning of Area: Hitting Your Target
LoH Cards 46 withstand.jpg The Southside Sentry: I talked to the Blotter. Sounds like we are close on personnel.

Ms. Modulus is going to be the big "get" for this mission.

LoH Cards 456 swing state.jpg The Southside Sentry: I know she is tired of the villain game but she is going to need some convincing.

The buzz around the waterfront is that PlayerName is more than up to the task.

Beginning of Fight: The Strays
LoH Cards 305 the strays.jpg The Southside Sentry: Don't waste too much time catching Strays. There is an old friend that Blotter wants you to talk to as well.
Beginning of Fight: Little Susie Homewrecker
LoH Cards 215 catch.jpg Little Susie Homewrecker: I can't believe that Crime Blotter would not come here and talk to me himself.

I don't want to come off like a prima donna here but if he wants to use his friends to pass notes back and forth...

LoH Cards 541 missing your mark.jpg Little Susie Homewrecker: I have a message for him I can pin to your body bag.
Beginning of Fight: Ms. Modulus: Unlikely Ally
LoH Cards 466 hard headed.jpg Ms. Modulus: Well, well...you have almost caught them all.

I am willing to help but I am going to need to audition you and see if you are worth my efforts.

LoH Cards 453 wrecking ball.jpg Ms. Modulus: Don't hold back. I know I won't be!
End of Issue
LoH Cards 289 shimmerstorm upstart.jpg Shimmerstorm: Coming is a rift. Are we ready.

So I hope.