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The Sunderground[edit]

Megabrawl Story: The Sunderground
LoH Cards 182 the conservator.jpg The Conservator: You look able-bodied.

Asclepius knows we have a shortage of that right now!

LoH Cards 182 the conservator.jpg The Conservator: We have a crisis that demands every able body to deal with it.

And most of the teachers and upperclassmen are still in the infirmary.

LoH Cards 182 the conservator.jpg The Conservator: Even Little Susie Homewrecker is fighting alongside the good guys for this one.

Maybe she is not a total lost cause after all.

LoH Cards 255 sunder.jpg The Conservator: With just about every hero and nearly every villain knocked out of commission during the attack on the school...

Sunder has unified all the henchmen into a well-organized criminal organization that is terrorizing the city!

LoH Cards 251 kindling.jpg The Conservator: I know you have fought them before but...

...and this is very important...

LoH Cards 248 gingerhaired men.jpg The Conservator: ...do not underestimate them!

They are organized and more powerful than before.

LoH Cards 256 sunderlings.jpg The Conservator: And they are everywhere. The city is on the verge of utter chaos.
LoH Cards 159 field dressing.jpg The Conservator: I am trying to get as many bodies out the door as quickly as possible.

Everyone is going to have to fight together if we have any hope of saving the city.

LoH Cards 95 back on your feet.jpg The Conservator: Good luck! I will get as many emergents to help as quickly as I can!

Bantam: You heard the lovely lady. Let's go knock some heads in.

The Schism: Handhold[edit]

Megabrawl Story: The Schism: Handhold
LoH Cards 282 help from above.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: This is even worse than I suspected --

-- Worse than even Shimmerstorm led me to believe!

LoH Cards 282 help from above.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: She brought me here from the 80s to show me that The Schism was not just a threat in my time.

-- Show me that The Schism is a threat to this reality's very existence!

LoH Cards 304 the schism.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: It is tearing its way into our reality through holes in at least three different points in the timeline.

Agents have done their best to create that hole in this time --

LoH Cards 304 the schism.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: The actions -- sometimes necessary actions -- have created openings in other times.

But we are going to need everyone to focus on the task at hand.

LoH Cards 271 team spirit.jpg The Crime Blotter: Did someone say "everyone"?

Devastatrix: This is not the time for personal differences!

LoH Cards 271 team spirit.jpg The Southside Sentry: Let's slap this hand back to where it came from!

Shimmerstorm: And hope we are all ready for when and where the rest of it tries to come through.

Schism: Footfall[edit]

Megabrawl Story: Schism: Footfall
LoH Cards 318 cover fire.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: Are you done scratching your itch?

You probably found more questions than answers.

LoH Cards 318 cover fire.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: Let's deal with the task you came back to the time to deal with in the first place!

Save the hard looks for later --

LoH Cards 339 arch villainy.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: If there is a later.

If The Schism manages to make it through into our reality...

LoH Cards 344 last stand.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: Then we may very well end up having never existed.

The Genesis Squadron was formed to prepare for another threat.

LoH Cards 328 welcome wagon.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: But they have barely had time to get to know each other.

Much less how to work as a team.

LoH Cards 347 schism footfall.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: We need to find every able body to join this battle.

And if we can somehow overcome pretty steep odds...

LoH Cards 318 cover fire.jpg Aloysius Zeroth: ...You will live long enough to carry a grudge.

Schism: Arrived[edit]

Megabrawl Story: Schism: Arrived
LoH Cards 388 space station zeroth.jpg Space Station Zeroth: My scans show that your body... and powers... have been pushed beyond their limit.

But the threat facing this reality is far from defeated.

LoH Cards 371 zeroth unity.jpg Space Station Zeroth: After his defeat at the hands of you and your fellow emergents, the one who called himself Absolute Zeroth agreed to incorporate with the original.
LoH Cards 371 zeroth unity.jpg Space Station Zeroth: Their plan was to use their combined might to defeat The Schism and then work together to return Dr. Tessera to her original form.
LoH Cards 389 young zeroth.jpg Space Station Zeroth: But something went wrong.

The result of their fusion scans as Zeroth but a teenaged version of himself whose powers have not fully emerged.

LoH Cards 398 schism arrived.jpg Space Station Zeroth: I am afraid this reality's best hope of defeating The Schism is decades away from the height of his powers...

...and we needed him 10 minutes ago when The Schism arrived in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and started wading to shore.

LoH Cards 390 brink of destruction.jpg Space Station Zeroth: You are going to have to join forces with every emergent that we can possibly muster if we have any chance of this reality remaining intact.

And if we still all exist after that we can worry about young Master Zeroth.

Ms. Modulus[edit]

Megabrawl Story: Ms. Modulus
LoH Cards 443 oh hi.jpg Quickhit: Okay...I know I have been like a jerk...

...Or whatever.

LoH Cards 443 oh hi.jpg Quickhit: But that's just me messing around.

This is for reals. Zeroth needs our help.

LoH Cards 460 ms modulus.jpg Quickhit: He was captured by this lady villain who goes by Ms. Modulus.

My uncle and Zeroth fought her back with the Meanwhile Squadron.

LoH Cards 457 wiggle room.jpg Quickhit: She can sculpt things hard as rock or make her body as fluid as mercury.
LoH Cards 469 taunting.jpg Quickhit: She has Zeroth - and in his young form he can't fully access his powers.

Johnny Tinker tried to stop her...

LoH Cards 417 saving grab.jpg Quickhit: But he got distracted...

It's all my fault.

LoH Cards 468 strung up.jpg Quickhit: It is not easy for me to ask for help...

But Zeroth needs ours badly...
please...help him.

Daddy 2.0[edit]

Megabrawl Story: Daddy 2.0
LoH Cards 497 hacking the system.jpg Young Zeroth: I may not have all my memories back. I don't have any idea who this creep Daddy2.0 is for example.
LoH Cards 497 hacking the system.jpg Young Zeroth: But I am getting sick and tired of fighting these bad guys on their own terms.

I think I can hack these Eye-Bots so I can take the battle to whatever corner of the internet he is infesting.

LoH Cards 523 daddy o 2.jpg Young Zeroth: Here's the problem. It looks like these Eye-Bots are loaded with powerful explosives.

Meaning that this HenchMob are walking and talking landmines that he can set off if he thinks he is in danger.

LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel2.jpg Young Zeroth: I need you all to keep him occupied while I sneak in and can threaten a little mutually assured destruction.

The important thing is that you keep him fighting for as long as possible. As long as he thinks he is toying with us he won't put us away.


Brawl Event Story: Phaeton
LoH Dialogue i12 page13 panel3.jpg Billy Stopless: I have never used my powers quite that way before...

Professor Helios had me send him somewhere ... somewhen ... else.

LoH Dialogue i12 page13 panel4.jpg Moxie: He abandoned us?
LoH Dialogue i12 page13 panel3.jpg Billy Stopless: I don't think so. He seemed to think we would never beat Phaeton if he stayed here.
LoH Dialogue i12 page11 panel8.jpg Billy Stopless: Whether he abandoned us or not we need to defeat his son...
LoH Cards 585 phaeton.jpg Billy Stopless: ...lest he burn the world down looking for his revenge.

We will need all the weapons at our disposal to do so. We have to trust that Helios had a plan and that we are all a part of it.


Brawl Event Story: Worms
LoH Dialogue i13 page2 panel3.jpg Cornerstone: Why is this ground so wet?
LoH Cards 625 footnotes.jpg Chronarchivist: According to my book there were torrential downpours in this area yesterday.
LoH Dialogue i13 page6 panel1.jpg Cornerstone: Ummm... Whenever it rains where I come from it brings out...
LoH Cards 645 worm.jpg Cornerstone: ...all the worms!!

Schism: Nightmare[edit]

Brawl Event Story: Schism: Nightmare
LoH Cards 380 coax.jpg Coax: Dreams... They can be wonderful, can't they, PlayerName?

Especially when you dream of me!

LoH Cards 380 coax.jpg Coax: Oh... But you've forgotten what we talked about.

Eclectic training, remember? So you'd be ready to deal with anything?

LoH Cards 413 dead in your.jpg Coax: That's why I'm here. Sorry, but this dream's about to become a nightmare...
LoH Cards 398 schism arrived.jpg Coax: You'll thank me in the morning...

After you're done screaming.

Johnny TinkerTron[edit]

Brawl Event Story: Johnny TinkerTron
LoH Cards i15 page4 panel8.jpg Johnny TinkerTron: The way I understand it, the existence of my whole reality and all the folks back home depends on me putting y'all down for good.
LoH Cards i15 page4 panel7.jpg Johnny TinkerTron: Well, I don't know where you're from, or how you can do what you do...
LoH Cards i15 page5 panel1.jpg Johnny TinkerTron: ...but this suit is two hundred tons of hell, and it's stepped on badder pests than you lot.
LoH Dialogue i15 page5 panel4.jpg Johnny TinkerTron: So no offense, but I don't care how many of you there are.

If only one world is coming out of this, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure it's mine.

Dr. Tessera[edit]

Brawl Event Story: Dr. Tessera
LoH Cards 379 bookworm the whom.jpg Bookworm: Tessera! It's time to come clean... I'm looking for answers about Pesticide, and I have the feeling you're my last stop.
LoH Cards 345 dr tessera.jpg Dr. Tessera: Now now, you know I love to talk about my work, even the failed experiments. All you ever had to do was ask... you of all people.
LoH Cards 182 the conservator.jpg The Conservator: Not another word, Tessera... this would break him.
LoH Cards 345 dr tessera.jpg Dr. Tessera: You couldn't stop me then, Conservator. You won't now. What are you worried about, anyway? Of the brothers, he has the strongest mind. He certainly didn't get it from his father.
LoH Cards 379 bookworm the whom.jpg Bookworm: ...my father...?
LoH Cards 345 dr tessera.jpg Dr. Tessera: Oh of course, you never knew him, he was already a loser when I plucked him out of the gutter. And that's right where he ended up again, after he escaped. What a waste of my time.

ixNay's Silence[edit]

Brawl Event Story: Ixnay's Silence
LoH Cards 336 the abyss genesis.jpg The Abyss: IxNay. Of course. Where else would a trail of bodies lead? This has gone on for far, far too long.

He was brilliant once, but now... he's just an abomination. The blood he's spilled is on my hands.

LoH Cards 302 ixnay ostlay.jpg The Abyss: He was so gifted, took so naturally to the dark. I should have known he would fall to it.

I should have known it was him the instant the first body was found. But I was blind.

LoH Cards 34 minds eye.jpg The Abyss: I realized too late to save the other students, his string of victims. Too late by far to redeem him. The others never knew he was the killer.

I confronted him, alone. Just master...

LoH Cards 106 greater focus.jpg The Abyss: ...and pupil.
LoH Cards 147 puppet strings.jpg The Abyss: He had the unique ability to cast his mind from his body at will. To walk as a spectre, untouchable, and manipulate his foes.

I snared him and destroyed the connection between his mind and body, leaving it a lifeless husk.

LoH Cards 336 the abyss genesis.jpg The Abyss: Just a John Doe in the morgue, the others thought he left. And that was the end, or so I thought.

He was even stronger than I had imagined. His mind survived outside his body, twisted and adrift.

LoH Cards 580 ixnay oundfay.jpg The Abyss: It was the Hat who found him, realized his worth, and devised him a way back to the physical world. All for the price of his servitude. Control of his bloodlust.
LoH Cards 250 ixnay.jpg The Abyss: That isn't just a sensory deprivation suit he wears... it's a containment suit. An animate shell that holds the tattered remains of Xavier's mind soul. A husk filled with madness and hate.
LoH Cards 545 master and disciple.jpg The Abyss: IxNay is the ghost of my past mistakes and arrogance. A monster of my making.

It's long past time I put him down.

Closing the Book[edit]

Brawl Event Story: Closing the Book
LoH Cards i15 page8 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: She is the AntiChronarch.

And if she makes contact with any of the Chronarchs it will result in the annihilation of everything that ever was. Or could have been.

LoH Cards i15 page8 panel3.jpg Antichronarch: Oh, and what a PITY that would be. Your precious little timelines. Your sad scurrying motes of filth and their petty, pointless lives.

You chose them over me, dear one, and look how they ruined you. You have fallen just as I did, and for nothing.

LoH Cards 625 footnotes.jpg Chronarchivist: No, not like you did. I didn't choose jealousy and destruction.

I chose to protect something more precious and important than myself. Something more vital than the Chronarchs, with all our power, could ever hope to be.

LoH Dialogue i12 page11 panel2.jpg Chronarchivist: I chose to save a world where impossible burdens are shared by many shoulders, and where unbearable pain is tempered into strength.
LoH Cards 91 trial and error.jpg Chronarchivist: I chose a world where those with great power are taught to help those who are helpless...
LoH Cards 37 practice makes perfect.jpg Chronarchivist: ...and to fight only to protect those who cannot fight for themselves.
LoH Cards 140 step for step.jpg Chronarchivist: I chose a people whose only limits are the ones they place on themselves, and who exhilarate in striving to break them.
LoH Cards 38 rise to the occasion.jpg Chronarchivist: I chose a timeline where the young are taught that they can save the world. Where power is not guarded selfishly but passed on to new generations so that they can be better...
LoH Cards 425 drama queen.jpg Chronarchivist: ...and smarter...
LoH Cards 426 fast tracked.jpg Chronarchivist: ...and faster...
LoH Cards 423 big man on.jpg Chronarchivist: ...and stronger than those who came before.
LoH Cards 414 hard choices.jpg Chronarchivist: I chose a world populated by a people who can do anything they can imagine, but who CHOOSE to do good.
LoH Cards 555 by the book.jpg Chronarchivist: This is the timeline I love.

So I choose to protect them, even if it means sacrificing my own life. Because they're Heroes... and that's what they would do.

LoH Cards i15 page8 panel3.jpg Antichronarch: How... sentimental of you. But then you always were an insufferable idealist, darling.

At least, after all this time, the Arbiter has found sense.

LoH Cards i15 page7 panel8.jpg Antichronarch: Making the little creatures squabble amongst themselves, forcing them to choose between the murder of worlds and their own oblivion? Masterful. I'm really quite proud.

But I simply had to butt in. The end of all things belongs to ME, and me alone.

LoH Cards 555 by the book.jpg Chronarchivist: Have you heard enough, Chronarbiter? Has there finally been enough madness?

Send them home, Arbiter. We need to clean up our own mess.

LoH Cards i15 page3 panel1.jpg Chronarbiter: Yes... it is enough. Perhaps you were in the right all along, Archivist. The burden of judgment has changed us. It's been so very long... perhaps the Chronarchs have lost their way.

Hands, take them home. Take them all home.

LoH Cards i15 page1 panel7.jpg Afterimage: What?! We can't let the Chronarchivist face this alone, after everything we owe her!

PlayerName, Moxie, we can't let them send us back!

LoH Cards i15 page1 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: You must. That means you too, PlayerName. Whatever happens here, I won't be watching over the timeline anymore. I need you to look after them.

I have seen your future in my records, and you have such a journey ahead. There is so much danger to come. Culverton will need its greatest champion. They will need you.

LoH Cards i15 page8 panel4.jpg Antichronarch: You don't sincerely think I'm going to let that happen, do you? It's far too late to sweep me under the rug, precious one. There is no fixing this.

I had nothing to do in that prison but hate you. For eons UNENDING I have hated you. And the hate, my dear heart, has made me strong.

LoH Cards i15 page8 panel6.jpg Antichronarch: Your pets are nothing to me now.

YOU are nothing to me now.

LoH Cards 563 perfect timing.jpg Chronarchivist: Then let us become nothing.

Do you think you were the only one to grow strong? It's time to show you, old friend, how far I will go to protect what I love.
The Chronarchs have ruled too long, anyway.

LoH Cards i15 page8 panel1.jpg Chronarchivist: It's time I tore our pages from the book.