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Beginning of Issue
LoH Dialogue i13 page11 panel7.jpg Helios: I just want to be left alone. I have done too much harm in the guise of helping.

I want Daddy-O to have been my last fight.

LoH Dialogue i13 page12 panel4.jpg Helios: After he used his spores to gain control of my barbarians.

As well as my former students Cornerstone and you, PlayerName

LoH Dialogue i13 page12 panel6.jpg Helios: The combined powers of these two worlds was enough to finally eradicate Daddy-O and his mental grip on all of you.
LoH Cards i14 page1 panel1.jpg Helios: It is time for you to go and leave me here. This world suits me.

Fire and Shadow[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Ember Hawk: Scout
LoH Cards i14 page1 panel3.jpg Helios: I will fly you out of here one by one if need be!

Help me, PlayerName!

Beginning of Fight: Fire-Worshipping Barbarians
LoH Cards i14 page1 panel3.jpg Helios: I have an army here and while I don't want to fight you...
LoH Cards i14 page1 panel4.jpg Helios: I will, if that is what it takes to convince you to leave me be.
Beginning of Fight: Helios: Dragon Slayer
LoH Cards i14 page1 panel2.jpg Helios: You were always an attentive student, PlayerName.
LoH Cards i14 page1 panel2.jpg Helios: You must know this is a test you cannot pass.
LoH Dialogue i14 page2 panel1.jpg Helios: I understand if you want to call in sick!
Beginning of Fight: Riftwalker: Non-Stop
LoH Cards i14 page2 panel7.jpg Johnny Tinker: Getting pretty tired of this sob-song old man.
LoH Cards i14 page2 panel8.jpg Johnny Tinker: You are coming back with us even if it is on the end of a skewer!
LoH Cards i14 page2 panel8.jpg Johnny Tinker: What the?!? Who the heck is that?
LoH Cards i14 page3 panel1.jpg Riftwalker: Gggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Johnny Tinker: Ummmm...is he growling at us? What is this guy?

LoH Cards i14 page1 panel6.jpg Chronarchivist: I recognize his chronal signature!

He is a Riftwalker; capable of traveling between dimensions.

LoH Cards i14 page1 panel6.jpg Chronarchivist: They are one evolutionary step below the Chronarchs.

I am trying to read his timeline but I am only seeing a red angry haze.

LoH Dialogue i14 page3 panel5.jpg Helios: Instead of reading his timeline, how about we end it?
LoH Cards i14 page3 panel6.jpg Helios: Zeus's beard! He is a Non-Stop!
LoH Dialogue i14 page4 panel2.jpg Chronarchivist: Tinker! Cornerstone! PlayerName!

He is attacking...can't think...straight...

Deadly Crystal[edit]

Beginning of Area: Deadly Crystal
LoH Dialogue i14 page6 panel2.jpg Cornerstone: Who is this guy? And why does he have emergent powers?
LoH Cards i14 page4 panel3.jpg Cornerstone: He took out Scarlet Tiger and The Chronarchivist with Non-Stop powers...
LoH Cards i14 page4 panel4.jpg Cornerstone: And now he is sculpting simulacrums of them out of the crystals in the ground.
Beginning of Fight: Thunder Liger: Sculpted
LoH Cards i14 page4 panel5.jpg Cornerstone: Don't tell Scarlet Tiger when she wakes up...
LoH Cards i14 page4 panel6.jpg Cornerstone: But I have never been a cat person!
LoH Dialogue i14 page4 panel7.jpg Cornerstone: Heads up, PlayerName!
LoH Dialogue i14 page4 panel7.jpg Cornerstone: Put this cat down!
Beginning of Fight: Chronarchivist: Sculpted
LoH Dialogue i14 page4 panel8.jpg Cornerstone: It can do everything a real cat can...

...except swim. Good job!

LoH Cards i14 page5 panel1.jpg Cornerstone: But we still have this crystal Chronarchivist to contend with!
LoH Cards i14 page5 panel3.jpg Cornerstone: And it looks like she is throwing the book at us!
Beginning of Fight: Riftwalker: Sculptor
LoH Dialogue i14 page2 panel2.jpg Riftwalker: Rrrraaaaaawrrrr!

Cornerstone: I don't know what this guy's deal is but his attitude needs some adjusting.

A Dark Mind[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Cornerstone: Controlled
LoH Dialogue i14 page6 panel1.jpg Team Member: Has anyone seen Cornerstone? Where is he?
LoH Dialogue i14 page6 panel3.jpg Helios: There you are... There you are...
LoH Cards i14 page6 panel4.jpg
LoH Cards i14 page6 panel5.jpg Helios: PlayerName!

He must have acolyte powers too! Cornerstone is under his control!

Beginning of Fight: Molten Manticore
LoH Cards i14 page7 panel2.jpg Cornerstone: Great! Now we are being strafed by crazy creatures from this world too?
LoH Cards i14 page8 panel1.jpg Helios: It must be with the Riftwalker.

Chronarchivist: This is a Molten Manticore that is supposed to be erased from this timeline.

LoH Cards i14 page7 panel3.jpg Scarlet Tiger: Let's send it back to the storybooks!

Cornerstone: Who is with me?

Beginning of Fight: Riftwalker: Acolyte
LoH Cards i14 page7 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: Every time we fend him off he comes back with another emergent power.

Guard your thoughts! He is as powerful an acolyte as you have ever faced.

Food for Worms[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Worms
LoH Cards i14 page8 panel1.jpg Chronarchivist: This book contains the entire history of multiple universes so it may take me a moment to find my place.

But I think I know what is going on with this Riftwalker. And if I am right...

LoH Dialogue i13 page6 panel3.jpg Cornerstone: Hold that thought!
Beginning of Fight: Worm Riders
LoH Dialogue i13 page6 panel2.jpg Cornerstone: Not even Pesticide would like these creepy crawlers!

Right, PlayerName?

Beginning of Fight: Riftwalker: Strongharm
LoH Cards i14 page7 panel6.jpg Riftwalker: Rrrraaaawwwrrrr!!!!
LoH Cards i14 page3 panel3.jpg Helios: Strongharm, of course he is!

Johnny Tinker: Oooooof!

Here Be Dragons[edit]

Beginning of Area: Here Be Dragons
LoH Cards i14 page8 panel2.jpg Chronarchivist: Gasp!

Now I understand who the Riftwalker is and why he must be decades older than the last time we saw him.

LoH Dialogue i14 page8 panel3.jpg Chronarchivist: Aloysious Zeroth is the Riftwalker!

When he tried to come here with us he was rejected by the timeline for all the ways he has manipulated it to his own end.

LoH Dialogue i14 page8 panel4.jpg Chronarchivist: Long ago the elder Chronarchs created a world for the leftover bits of time and space that inevitably occur in our efforts to maintain it.

That is where Zeroth ended up. As far as I knew, no one had ever returned from there.

LoH Dialogue i14 page8 panel5.jpg Chronarchivist: The nature of the world will erase all memory of your former reality.

Somehow over the course of decades he willed his way back to us.

LoH Dialogue i14 page8 panel3.jpg Chronarchivist: Zeroth has Chronarch genes in him. Combined with the full fury of his emergent powers, he has returned.
LoH Dialogue i14 page8 panel6.jpg Chronarchivist: Getting back to us was the only thought he was able to maintain and now that he is here everything else has been replaced with fury and resentment.

We must find Coax if we are going to have any chance of restoring his mind.

LoH Cards i14 page8 panel7.jpg Helios: I have been doing some aerial reconnaissance and think I can help in that regard.
Beginning of Fight: Ogre: Guardian to the Dragons
LoH Cards i14 page8 panel8.jpg Helios: Coax is being held captive by a dragon, which is being guarded by an ogre.
LoH Dialogue i14 page9 panel1.jpg Johnny Tinker: Are we there yet?

Helios: I think I see something.

LoH Dialogue i14 page9 panel2.jpg Cornerstone: A big and ugly something.
LoH Cards i14 page9 panel3.jpg Ogre: No need to be insulting! Have you gazed upon your own reflection lately?

There is a calm lake over those hills which should be perfect for that.

LoH Cards i14 page9 panel3.jpg Ogre: And since I am not about to let you pass...

Cornerstone: Oh yeah?

LoH Cards i14 page9 panel4.jpg Ogre: I tried to be civil!
LoH Dialogue i14 page9 panel5.jpg Bethany: His dragon tattoos are coming to life!
LoH Dialogue i14 page5 panel5.jpg Johnny Tinker: PlayerName!

While they fight those flying phantasms you and I will knock some sense into this erudite ogre.

Beginning of Fight: Zeva: Acid Spewer
LoH Dialogue i14 page9 panel8.jpg Ogre: You may have vanquished me but that flapping of wings I hear portends only one thing...
LoH Dialogue i14 page10 panel1.jpg Ogre: And I don't think you are going to like it!
LoH Cards i14 page10 panel4.jpg Bethany: Watch out!
LoH Cards i14 page10 panel3.jpg Ogre: It is a true pleasure to introduce you to Zeva the Acidspewer.
Beginning of Fight: Coax: Distressed Damsel
LoH Cards i14 page10 panel5.jpg Helios: Excellent job, PlayerName!

Perhaps my time at the Phaeton Project was not wasted after all.

LoH Dialogue i14 page10 panel7.jpg Helios: While I pin this specimen you have captured let's find Coax and get out of here.
LoH Dialogue i14 page10 panel8.jpg Cornerstone: I am coming to rescue you Coax!!
LoH Dialogue i14 page11 panel1.jpg Cornerstone: Or not!
LoH Dialogue i14 page11 panel2.jpg Cornerstone: Oooof!
LoH Cards i14 page11 panel3.jpg Coax: Idiot! What makes you think I need rescuing?

I was controlling Zeva with an illusion of gold and jewels beyond the dreams of avarice.

LoH Cards i14 page11 panel4.jpg Coax: I can never fix what I did to you all and I just want to be left alone!
Beginning of Fight: Zeroth: Riftwalker
LoH Dialogue i14 page11 panel6.jpg Bethany: But you can make things right Coax!

Chronarchivist: I don't know that we can defeat Zeroth Riftwalker but if we can subdue him temporarily you may be able to restore his mind.

LoH Cards i14 page11 panel8.jpg Coax: Wait! What's a Riftwalker?

Riftwalker: Ggggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Coax: Oh!

LoH Cards i14 page11 panel7.jpg Chronarchivist: With all his emergent powers and the ability to traverse time we can only hold him at bay.
LoH Dialogue i14 page12 panel2.jpg Bethany: We just have to slow him down long enough for me to hit him with my spell but I can only do it once so we can't afford to miss.
LoH Cards i14 page12 panel3.jpg Helios: Easier said than done! Zeroth is more powerful now than he ever was before.
End of Issue
LoH Cards i14 page12 panel5.jpg Bethany: I think you did it, PlayerName!

Now I have to do my part.

LoH Dialogue i14 page12 panel6.jpg Zeroth: Guh!
LoH Cards i14 page12 panel7.jpg Bethany: Quickly Coax, before he recovers from the spell.
LoH Cards i14 page12 panel7.jpg Zeroth: I...remember...you...all.

You left me to rot on that world!

LoH Dialogue i14 page12 panel8.jpg Zeroth: With those abominations.

I will destroy you all and everyone you have ever known.

LoH Dialogue i14 page1 panel7.jpg Bethany: He's gone. Where did he go?

Chronarchivist: I fear he has returned home.

LoH Cards i14 page1 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: He may be more dangerous now that his memories have returned.

He is maddened with blind rage and I fear for the worst.