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Beginning of Issue
LoH Dialogue i12 page12 panel5.jpg Cornerstone: Tell me again what happened with Phaeton!
LoH Dialogue i12 page12 panel5.jpg Zeroth: I have told you three times already but you just don't want to believe me.

We were fighting Phaeton and keeping him at a standstill but he was threatening to go 'nuclear' on us.

LoH Dialogue i12 page12 panel6.jpg Zeroth: Professor Helios seemed to figure something out and had Billy Stopless blindly open up a teleportal without knowing where it would lead.
LoH Dialogue i12 page12 panel7.jpg Zeroth: The Professor dove through the 'portal. He said he was saving us.
LoH Dialogue i12 page12 panel8.jpg Zeroth: And sure enough, as soon as he was gone, Phaeton began to just fade away.

Like a bad dream.

LoH Dialogue i12 page13 panel1.jpg Zeroth: And then suddenly Coax was there, screaming like a mad woman.
LoH Dialogue i12 page13 panel2.jpg Zeroth: I don't know how her powers work exactly but breaking the connection with Helios seemed to cause her agony.

And just before the rift could close she jumped in after him.

LoH Dialogue i12 page13 panel3.jpg Zeroth: And then she was gone. They were both gone. And we don't know where they went.

I know you don't want to believe it but she was conjuring Phaeton to torment Professor Helios. And she went after him to finish the job.

Time to Go[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Zeroth
LoH Dialogue i13 page1 panel2.jpg Cornerstone: Take it back! Someone must have forced Coax to do that!

If she even did it at all!

LoH Cards 598 Throw Down.jpg Zeroth: I am getting a little tired of repeating myself only to have you guys beat me up every time.
LoH Cards 603 face first.jpg Zeroth: I know Coax is your friend from when you were all freshmen here.

But she sure looks like one of the bad guys now. And if I have to beat that into your skulls I will.

Beginning of Fight: Cornerstone: Gladiator
LoH Cards 608 try and stop me.jpg Cornerstone: I! Don't! Believe! You!

I am going to find her and prove you wrong!

LoH Dialogue i13 page1 panel3.jpg Cornerstone: Someone at this stupid school can tell me where she went!

And I am going to keep smashing things until someone tells me what I want to know!

Beginning of Fight: Chronarchivist: Wizard
LoH Cards 617 not again.jpg Chronarchivist: I know where they both went.

And I will need your help to bring them back.

LoH Dialogue i13 page1 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: They went someplace unlike anywhere you have ever been before.

I need to make sure you are up to the task before we can go.

Knight Rider[edit]

Beginning of Area: Knight Rider
LoH Cards 605 time slip.jpg Chronarchivist: Welcome to another world in another time.

The population of Tor'gyyl ranges from lowly barbarians to a majestic race of dragons.

LoH Dialogue i13 page2 panel2.jpg Chronarchivist: We have come to the portion known as West Kruna.

We will need every resource at our disposal to navigate this strange land.

LoH Dialogue i13 page2 panel2.jpg Chronarchivist: I have recruited Johnny Tinker and The Scarlet Tiger to help us on this adventure.

We have another person joining us shortly as well.

LoH Dialogue i13 page2 panel5.jpg Cornerstone: That's all well and good lady but I am going to have to start attaching you guys to my wrists like mittens.
LoH Dialogue i13 page2 panel6.jpg Cornerstone: Because it sure looks like we lost another one.

Where the heck is Zeroth?

LoH Cards 622 lost charge.jpg Chronarchivist: I should have realized...

Zeroth has bent, battered, and broken the structure of time and space so many times...

LoH Dialogue i13 page2 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: That time has developed an "immunity" to him. Almost like antibodies that develop in your bloodstream.

Time has rejected him and sent him somewhere...
Somewhen else.

LoH Dialogue i13 page2 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: He will need to fend for himself for now while we find your other friends.
LoH Dialogue i13 page3 panel1.jpg Chronarchivist: We are going to need to alter our appearance in order to blend in.
LoH Cards 628 Chronarchivist wizard.jpg Chronarchivist: I will take on the guise of a spellcaster.
LoH Cards 632 cornerstone gladiator.jpg Chronarchivist: Cornerstone will be garbed as a warrior.
LoH Cards 631 scarlet tiger beastmaster.jpg Chronarchivist: Fittingly, Scarlet Tiger will take on the role of master of beasts.
Beginning of Fight: Johnny Tinker: Crimson Knight
LoH Cards 627 johnny tinker crimson knight.jpg Chronarchivist: And Johnny Tinker shall be crowned the Crimson Knight with an iron steed befitting his rank.

Johnny Tinker: Cool!

LoH Dialogue i13 page4 panel4.jpg Johnny Tinker: We have to try these new costumes out!

Who wants to joust with me? Somebody fight me!

Beginning of Fight: Iron Steed
LoH Cards 628 Chronarchivist wizard.jpg Chronarchivist: Think you can handle my Iron Steed?
Beginning of Fight: Beastmen
LoH Cards 609 heed the call.jpg Scarlet Tiger: Some things sound the same on every world! That is the snarl of an animal in danger.
LoH Dialogue i13 page4 panel8.jpg Scarlet Tiger: Those Beastmen are hunting that magnificent creature.

We have to stop them!

The Tiger and the Liger[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Scarlet Tiger: Beastmaster
LoH Dialogue i13 page5 panel7.jpg Scarlet Tiger: The animal is scared and angry but you must not hurt it.

I will fight you to gain its trust. The others will deal with these wretched beastmen.

Beginning of Fight: Beastmen
LoH Dialogue i13 page5 panel4.jpg Cornerstone: I have been looking for an excuse to smash something for days now.

You should try it!

Beginning of Fight: Thunder Liger
LoH Cards 624 uncommon bond.jpg Scarlet Tiger: My powers have allowed me to bond with this animal.

He respects me and what I did for him.

LoH Dialogue i13 page5 panel7.jpg Scarlet Tiger: I am afraid the rest of you will need to earn that respect in battle if he is going to consent to join us.

A Kind of Magic[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Worms
LoH Dialogue i13 page6 panel1.jpg Cornerstone: Uh...guys?!?

Beastmen and Ligers have been pretty normal so far...

LoH Cards 648 worm rider.jpg Cornerstone: But I think things are about to get weird!
Beginning of Fight: Worm Rider
LoH Cards 604 cat tricks.jpg Scarlet Tiger: The worms will overwhelm us unless we take out their riders.

Worm Rider: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Beginning of Fight: Bethany: Secret Keeper
LoH Cards 633 Bethany secret keeper.jpg Bethany: On one hand you have dealt with the worms...

But now I am left to deal with this new infestation.

LoH Cards 633 Bethany secret keeper.jpg Bethany: It is not the first time The Chronarchivist has brought vermin back from her travels.
LoH Cards 620 hold that liger.jpg Scarlet Tiger: Who are you and what do you know of us?
LoH Dialogue i13 page7 panel4.jpg Cornerstone: Make her tell us where Coax is!
LoH Cards 618 arcane maneuvar.jpg Bethany: You will find I only do that which I choose to do.

And right now I choose to show you the folly of attacking the most powerful sorceress in Tor'gyyl.


Beginning of Area: Pyrotheism
LoH Dialogue i13 page7 panel4.jpg Chronarchivist: Stop!!!
LoH Dialogue i13 page7 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: This is Bethany, the most powerful sorceress in this land.

As I am sure she already told you.
As well as our friend and ally.

LoH Dialogue i13 page7 panel8.jpg Bethany: I put them to the test while I was waiting for you, old friend.

They are formidable but easily provoked. Not a long-lived quality in West Kruna.

Beginning of Fight: Worm Rider
LoH Cards 649 the worms turn.jpg Bethany: If you cannot even dispatch these Worm Riders properly then I am scared to take you into the bogs.

But that is where we must go in pursuit of your missing friends.

Beginning of Fight: Hedge Men
LoH Dialogue i13 page8 panel1.jpg Bethany: Stories of fire-worshipping barbarians and a fire god that walks among them have been wafting from these bogs.
LoH Cards 642 hedge man.jpg Johnny Tinker: Something is wafting all right but I think it is the rotting corpses that are attacking us.
LoH Cards 600 sticks and stones.jpg Cornerstone: These Hedge Men smash pretty good. This should not take long.
LoH Cards 643 dragged into the deep.jpg Scarlet Tiger: Smashing them does not seem to stem the tide at all.

The skeletons seem to be a vehicle for the moss and lichen that coats them. I sense a familiar intelligence guiding them.

Beginning of Fight: Fire-Worshipping Barbarians
LoH Cards 619 wizards and warriors.jpg Chronarchivist: I think I figured something out...
LoH Cards 619 wizards and warriors.jpg Bethany: If you mean unleashing the full fury of our powers then I concur!
LoH Cards 640 fire-worshipping barbarians.jpg Fire-Worshipping Barbarian: Cleanse the filth with holy fire!
LoH Dialogue i13 page9 panel4.jpg Fire-Worshipping Barbarian: You have dirtied the land with your tracks. You may come no further.
LoH Cards 641 rumble.jpg Cornerstone: Dirtied the land? FYI, we are in a swamp!!

As for going any further...

LoH Cards 607 double up.jpg Cornerstone: Try and stop us!
Beginning of Fight: Ember Hawk
LoH Dialogue i13 page9 panel1.jpg Team Member: What is incinerating those Hedgemen?

And why is it coming at us?

LoH Cards 629 ember hawk.jpg Team Member: A hawk sculpted out of flame?

The professor must be close at hand.
Although the way that is coming at us tells me he is not ready to be found.

The Burning Man[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Fire-Worshipping Barbarians
LoH Dialogue i13 page9 panel6.jpg Cornerstone: Professor! Where are you? How many of these barbarians do we need to beat up on?
Beginning of Fight: Fire Sculpture
LoH Cards 614 trailblazing.jpg Helios: Go back the way you came and leave me alone.
LoH Dialogue i13 page10 panel2.jpg Helios: I have done too much harm and do not want to be your professor any longer.
LoH Dialogue i13 page10 panel3.jpg Helios: I just want to be left alone!
Beginning of Fight: Helios
LoH Dialogue i13 page10 panel3.jpg Chronarchivist: I have seen this Fire Sculpture trick before.

Bethany do you have any tricks to put that fire out?

LoH Cards 621 water conjuring.jpg Bethany: I have asked you not to trifle my sorcery as mere "tricks" before, old friend.
LoH Dialogue i13 page10 panel8.jpg Bethany: Let's wash away these fire beings and their warrior underlings and see what remains.
LoH Dialogue i13 page11 panel6.jpg Helios: I asked you...
LoH Cards 602 boiling point.jpg Helios: to leave me...
LoH Dialogue i13 page11 panel3.jpg Helios: ALONE!!!