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Steeds of the Ebon Sun[edit]

Beginning of Area: Steeds of the Ebon Sun
LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel3.jpg Young Zeroth: Ahem!
LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel4.jpg Young Zeroth: Don't you know it is rude to not offer something to your guests.

And you could have tidied up.

LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel4.jpg Young Zeroth: That's right. I am in your head!

I am certain I can do some permanent damage before you pull the trigger on the explosives in the Eye-Bots.

LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel4.jpg Young Zeroth: If we go. You go with us. Trust me on that.

But you release your hold on the Eye-Bots and I go out the way I came and leave everything the way I found it.

LoH Cards 520 stare down.jpg Daddy 2.0: I would love to see if you truly have the intestinal fortitude to face the brink of destruction as boldly as you claim.

But this is not the brink. Not yet.

LoH Cards 520 stare down.jpg Daddy 2.0: I doubt you will look as brave when that day comes. And it is coming soon.

But for now...

LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel6.jpg Daddy 2.0: I will concede this battle.
LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel7.jpg Daddy 2.0: And prepare to end this war against a worthy adversary on another day.
LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel8.jpg Young Zeroth: Whew!
Beginning of Fight: Helios
LoH Cards 578 leeched lotus.jpg Several days later...
LoH Cards 548 red thumb.jpg Professor Helios: I have not been sleeping well.

I am plagued by dark dreams. I can't even find peace in my garden.

LoH Dialogue i12 page1 panel3.jpg Professor Helios: Zeroth is putting weight behind Daddy2.0's threats and I am inclined to agree with him.

I need you to fight me. To push me. To make sure I am ready when the time comes.

Beginning of Fight: Young Zeroth
LoH Dialogue i12 page1 panel7.jpg Young Zeroth: Not bad considering you were fighting against an old man...

No offense!

LoH Cards 574 fire in the sky.jpg Young Zeroth: I have been getting stronger and more comfortable with my powers.

Think you can take me?

Beginning of Fight: Sun Steeds
LoH Dialogue i12 page2 panel2.jpg Young Zeroth: Heads up!

Professor Helios: It can't be possible!

LoH Dialogue i12 page2 panel4.jpg Professor Helios: Phaeton's Sun Steeds are attacking us but they died along with my son!
LoH Cards 577 palms out.jpg Professor Helios: Possible or not we have to stop them before they trample the school.
LoH Cards 558 horse play.jpg Young Zeroth: I have these two! Can you handle the rest?

The Voiceless and the Void[edit]

Beginning of Area: The Voiceless and the Void
LoH Dialogue i12 page3 panel1.jpg Moxie: Are those Sun Steeds? That's impossible!

Isn't it?

LoH Dialogue i12 page3 panel2.jpg Professor Helios: This must be the threat that Daddy2.0 was hinting at.

We need to get to the scene of your last battle with him and investigate.

LoH Cards 582 keep your hands and feet in.jpg Billy Stopless: I know a shortcut but if Phaeton is on the other side I might prefer the scenic route.
Beginning of Fight: The Abyss
LoH Dialogue i12 page3 panel8.jpg Professor Helios: Scatter! It's ixNay!
LoH Dialogue i12 page4 panel2.jpg Professor Helios: Don't get between them. They have an old score to settle and anyone trying to fight ixNay is going to have to fight The Abyss first.
Beginning of Fight: IxNay
LoH Dialogue i12 page3 panel8.jpg
Beginning of Fight: The Hat
LoH Dialogue i12 page4 panel4.jpg The Hat: ixNay will foretell the presence of The Hat but I am afraid he is not very good at conveying my intentions.
LoH Cards 543 blindsided.jpg Billy Stopless: I am sure your high-priced attorney will tell us all about it when we deliver you to the proper authorities.
Beginning of Fight: Eyebots
LoH Cards 572 dot the eyes.jpg The Hat: I was hoping you would give me a chance to plead my case.
LoH Dialogue i12 page5 panel2.jpg The Hat: But I have to resort to tactics I had hoped to avoid.

Moxie: Eye-bots!!

Codename: Beatdown[edit]

Beginning of Area: Codename: Beatdown
LoH Cards 581 the hat found.jpg The Hat: I am looking to make a deal.

You want to know about Daddy2.0 and Phaeton and I want protection.

LoH Cards 551 inconvenient interruption.jpg Young Zeroth: Protection? Protection from what?

Chronarchivist: Protection from us!

LoH Dialogue i12 page7 panel2.jpg Chronarchivist: I am the Chronarchivist, one of the Three Chronarchs charged with maintaining the integrity of time and space.

It is only by my leave that this Emergent-laden timeline is allowed to persist.

LoH Dialogue i12 page7 panel1.jpg Chronarchivist: I believe you are familiar with my agents...

The Meanwhile Squadron

LoH Dialogue i12 page7 panel3.jpg Chronarchivist: The villain you know as The Hat is actually a Quiskian alien who has escaped through time and is endangering this already fragile timeline.

We are here to take him home.

LoH Cards 561 plea bargain.jpg The Hat: If you want to know about your son then you have to protect me from her.
LoH Cards 575 line in the sand.jpg Professor Helios: I cannot let you take this man. There are things we need to know.

I am drawing a line in the sand. Cross it and we will fight you.

Beginning of Fight: Codename: Sidekick
LoH Cards 568 codename sidekick meanwhile squadron.jpg Codename: Sidekick: It's bad enough we had to do the Genesis Squadron's job for them when Helios didn't want to anymore.

But now he is trying to keep us from completing the mission?

Beginning of Fight: Codename: Soldier
LoH Cards 569 codename soldier meanwhile squadron.jpg Codename: Soldier: Codename Soldier is going to complete this mission.

Even if I have to go through you to do so.

Beginning of Fight: Henchmob
LoH Dialogue i12 page5 panel8.jpg Genesis Squadron Member: We are completely besieged on all sides. Now the Henchmob, which means Daddy2.0 can't be far behind.

Meanwhile, in Your Face...[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Iso-Man
LoH Cards 550 road kill.jpg Iso-Man: Since we joined up with the Chronarchivist we have fought some strange battles in very strange lands.

It feels good to heft some Detroit steel again.

LoH Cards 550 road kill.jpg Iso-Man: Although I am loathe to fight you and my old friends.

But the gravity of our mission means that I must.

Beginning of Fight: Scarlet Tiger
LoH Cards 571 scarlet tiger meanwhile squadron.jpg Scarlet Tiger: I have been told that one day I will teach you everything you know about fighting.

I don't need to see the future to know I will not teach you everything The Scarlet Tiger knows.

Beginning of Fight: Johnny Tinker
LoH Cards 570 johnny tinker meanwhile squadron.jpg Johnny Tinker: If Johnny Tinker can get the upper hand on The Abyss so easily what makes you think you can stand up to me?

Time After Time[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Chronarchivist
LoH Cards 565 turn back the clock.jpg Chronarchivist: Stop! I have placed us in a time bubble in the hopes that I can make you listen to reason.

If you insist on fighting me I will have to bring forth battles from your own past to combat you.

Beginning of Fight: Crimson Mark
LoH Cards 183 the crimson mark.jpg The Crimson Mark: Where the heck am I?

Oh wait, I know. In the middle of a fight. Awesome!!

Beginning of Fight: Dimetrodon
LoH Cards 188 the dimetrodon.jpg Dimetrodon: DIMETRODON FIGHT!

Of a Demon That is Dreaming[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Devastatrix
LoH Cards 198 devastatrix.jpg Devastatrix: I long ago learned not to question these anachronistic episodes.

I just beat everyone up and sort it out in the trainer's room.

Beginning of Fight: Cornerman
LoH Cards 195 cornerman.jpg The Cornerman: You could barely handle me as Iso-Man from my Meanwhile Squadron days.

I have literally forgotten more than you will ever know about fighting but I remember that I owe you a beating.

Beginning of Fight: Sun Steeds
LoH Cards 555 by the book.jpg Chronarchivist: While you have been fighting your past I have consulted my notes about the present.
LoH Dialogue i12 page10 panel5.jpg Chronarchivist: And Phaeton is not in this timeline. An anomaly of that magnitude would be quite apparent to me.
LoH Dialogue i12 page10 panel6.jpg Professor Helios: Bring her The Hat. I was in the grip of madness to even entertain his offer of information.

He will say anything to save himself and cannot be trusted.

LoH Dialogue i12 page10 panel6.jpg Young Zeroth: Before she takes him away, I have always wanted to see what was under that mask.
LoH Dialogue i12 page10 panel7.jpg Young Zeroth: Gasp!

Moxie: Choke
Billy Stopless: Take the mask with you. Please.

LoH Cards 566 meanwhile.jpg Moxie: Do you believe her that Phaeton is not real?
LoH Dialogue i12 page11 panel2.jpg Professor Helios: Not for a second...

Young Zeroth: Do you hear that?

LoH Cards 579 sun steeds.jpg Genesis Squadron Member: Sun Steeds!!

Billy Stopless: Fortunately for us they don't exist, right?
Genesis Squadron Member: This is no time for jokes Billy!
Billy Stopless: Call it wishful thinking.

Beginning of Fight: Daddy 2.0
LoH Cards 520 stare down.jpg Daddy 2.0: You must have so many questions.

And I have all the answers. But I am not ready to share them yet.

LoH Cards 520 stare down.jpg Daddy 2.0: The Chronarchivist must be reading from a misprint because there is definitely a battle with Phaeton in your future.

Unless of course she knows that you won't survive this battle with me...

Second Chances[edit]

The final node here was originally a bonus mini-issue as part of the Second Chances event. It was added in later as an optional node to help complete the Phaeton storyline.

Beginning of Area: Second Chances
LoH Cards 574 fire in the sky.jpg Young Zeroth: I am really worried about Professor Helios.

The Chronarchivist told us that Phaeton is still as dead as the day we killed him...

LoH Cards 574 fire in the sky.jpg Young Zeroth: But that does not explain the Sun Steeds we fought...

Or Daddy2.0's threat that Phaeton is real.

Beginning of Fight: Eye-Bots
LoH Dialogue i12 page5 panel2.jpg Billy Stopless: Great! I knew I should have brought an umbrella.
LoH Dialogue i12 page5 panel7.jpg Billy Stopless: The weatherman said it was cloudy with a chance of EyeBots.

Let's burst these clouds and get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Beginning of Fight: Sunsteeds
LoH Cards 579 sun steeds.jpg Young Zeroth: Sun Steeds!!!

Chronarchivist must be wrong!

LoH Cards 577 palms out.jpg Professor Helios: I will deal with the prodigal son when and if it comes to that.

But something feels wrong about this whole scenario.

LoH Cards 558 horse play.jpg Young Zeroth: I hope you figure it out soon because if this is Phaeton's undercard...

I would prefer not to stick around for the main bout.

Beginning of Fight: Daddy 2.0
LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel3.jpg Daddy 2.0: How is it that you all look so battered and bruised while I look as pretty as ever?

Ah yes...I forget. You only have one body to work with.

LoH Cards 520 stare down.jpg Daddy 2.0: I have enough malice and spare parts to keep going long after even your emergent bodies have turned to dust.

Wouldn't it just be easier to just lay down now and save us all the trouble?

LoH Cards 520 stare down.jpg Daddy 2.0: No?

Good. It is more fun this way.

Beginning of Fight: Phaeton
LoH Dialogue i12 page11 panel5.jpg Phaeton: Father! It has been too long!
LoH Cards 586 sins of the father.jpg Phaeton: You tried to kill me once.

Let me show you how to finish the job properly.

LoH Cards 584 exit strategy.jpg Young Zeroth: Professor!!!!

If you have to fight someone Phaeton I am the one you want!

LoH Dialogue i12 page12 panel1.jpg Phaeton: Fair enough. I will let the old man catch his breath.

While I crush yours out of your lungs.

LoH Cards 585 phaeton.jpg Phaeton: I nearly destroyed the world once by accident and you tried to kill me.

You will need to do better than last time because I mean for the world to burn today!

LoH Dialogue i12 page12 panel5.jpg Professor Helios: I think I have figured out what is going on here.

And if I am correct we will never defeat this thing that calls itself Phaeton.

LoH Dialogue i12 page12 panel6.jpg Professor Helios: You need to keep Phaeton busy for as long as possible.

And I need Billy to send me somewhere. Some place even he doesn't know where or when I will land.

LoH Dialogue i12 page12 panel7.jpg Professor Helios: The world is depending on both of us succeeding.

I know I am leaving it in the capable hands of my most gifted students.