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With Friends Like These...[edit]

Beginning of Area: With Friends Like These...
LoH Cards 505 downtime.jpg The Crime Blotter: There is something at work in Culverton.

Young Zeroth: The Crime Blotter has been helping me work out the pieces.

LoH Cards 478 early edition.jpg The Crime Blotter: Your misguided classmates The Whom are mucking with things they don't understand.

And we need to be ready to clean up their mess.

Beginning of Fight: Young Zeroth
LoH Cards 505 downtime.jpg Young Zeroth: I have been getting stronger. More connected to my powers.

I need you to fight me and push me as hard as you can.

Beginning of Fight: Sunderlings
LoH Cards 529 jaws of death.jpg Young Zeroth: Despite defeating all their bosses there seems to be an unusual amount of henchman activity right now.

There is clearly some other hand orchestrating their movements.

LoH Cards 529 jaws of death.jpg Young Zeroth: We left a trail of breadcrumbs that has lead a pack of Sunderlings right to the Crime Blotter's Morgue.

There should be enough for everyone but remember that we need them in a condition to talk.

Beginning of Fight: Crime Blotter
LoH Cards 507 crime blotter gumshoe.jpg The Crime Blotter: Have you seen today's papers? What The Whom have set in motion?
LoH Cards 522 robery day.jpg The Crime Blotter: One of the most devastating foes we have ever fought was The Formula.

An other-dimensional force of destruction summoned by the powers of three emergents known as The Variables.

LoH Cards 507 crime blotter gumshoe.jpg The Crime Blotter: They have been held in isolation and separated from each other for more than a decade.

The Whom have been instrumental in their release and have been keeping them safe from angry mobs.

LoH Cards 507 crime blotter gumshoe.jpg The Crime Blotter: All we can do is wait for the fallout of their actions.

And I hate waiting. Fight me.

Beginning of Fight: Shimmerstorm
LoH Cards 496 guess who.jpg The Crime Blotter: Shimmerstorm is bringing back someone from the Meanwhile Squadron days who fought The Formula before.

She may want to fight you when she arrives. You got the best of her last time and she has been practicing.

Can't Fight City Hall[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Iso-Man
LoH Cards 483 man out of time.jpg Shimmerstorm: Allow me to introduce Iso-Man, the backbone of the Meanwhile Squadron.

Although these days you probably know him better as --

LoH Cards 508 iso man.jpg Iso-Man: Zeroth!

I told you the last time we met that I would make you pay for your actions!

LoH Cards 474 chit chat.jpg Iso-Man: If you stand with this man I will lay you out beside him.
End of Fight: Iso-Man
LoH Dialogue i11 page2 panel3.jpg Young Zeroth: This was clearly a mistake that I will get to the bottom of when we have time.

Speaking of time, Shimmerstorm will you please bring Iso-Man back to where you found him?

Beginning of Fight: Kindlings
LoH Cards 506 the crime line.jpg Young Zeroth: The Crime Line! That will be Sentry calling in.
LoH Cards 492 call to arms.jpg The Southside Sentry: If you guys are done with your tea and scones we have some actual crime that needs fighting.
LoH Cards 517 rabble rousing.jpg The Southside Sentry: And the sooner you can get here the better.
Beginning of Fight: Gingerhaired Men
LoH Cards 525 gingerhaired men enlisted.jpg The Southside Sentry: The henchmen are all working together and have taken control of City Hall.

They are trying to kidnap the mayor.

Beginning of Fight: Henchmob
LoH Cards 484 moment of clarity.jpg The Southside Sentry: After I knocked a couple of these goons down I noticed something odd attached to their heads.
LoH Cards 526 hench mob.jpg The Southside Sentry: They seem to be under some kind of remote control. They are working in concert.

Like some sort of Henchmob.


Beginning of Fight: Eyebots
LoH Cards 524 eye bots.jpg The Southside Sentry: Heads up everyone! They look like the same thing that are attached to the Henchmob's heads.

Some sort of Eye-Bots!

Beginning of Fight: The Variables (1)
LoH Cards 518 solving for x.jpg Young Zeroth: We have more to worry about than just Eye-Bots!

The Variables are in Culverton and have started their equation.

Beginning of Fight: Beacon
LoH Cards 480 hot potato.jpg The Beacon: We will deal with The Variables and The Formula later.

Right now The Whom are here to apprehend Zeroth and bring him to trial for his actions.

Beginning of Fight: The Variables (2)
LoH Cards 481 into the fray.jpg The Crime Blotter: Sigh! I remember being young and foolish.

I was lucky to survive my own ideals.

LoH Cards 481 into the fray.jpg The Crime Blotter: We are going to have to split up. We will deal with your classmates while you do the math.


Beginning of Fight: Bookworm
LoH Dialogue i11 page6 panel8.jpg Bookworm: Gotcha!
LoH Cards 504 trial by fire.jpg Bookworm: In my research I stumbled across some of the Meanwhile Squadron's video journals.

Codename: Soldier had some especially interesting things to say about you.

LoH Dialogue i11 page6 panel8.jpg Bookworm: Black suit, white suit. Old, young. I don't care. You are going to be held accountable.
Beginning of Fight: Bantam
LoH Cards 498 heads up.jpg Bantam: We get to kill two birds with one stone.

Apprehending Zeroth --

LoH Cards 498 heads up.jpg Bantam: And doing what you old-timers never could in the past.

Solving The Formula once and for all.

Beginning of Fight: The Accelerant
LoH Cards 473 arch frenemies.jpg The Accelerant: I know what you think of us.

That we are just full of ideals and hot air.

LoH Cards 473 arch frenemies.jpg The Accelerant: But I know a thing or two about the power of "hot air".
Beginning of Fight: The Formula
LoH Cards 489 your welcome.jpg Bookworm: Oooooof!

Young Zeroth: What was that?

LoH Cards 530 the formula.jpg Team Member: The Variables have solved The Formula.

The last time we fought it Moxie ended up under the Conservator's care for three months.

LoH Cards 510 divide and conquer.jpg Team Member: But if we don't find some way to hold it at bay it will destroy the city.

And it will just keep getting stronger.

End of Fight: The Formula
LoH Cards 497 hacking the system.jpg Team Member: Great job everyone. We were able to keep The Formula busy.

Until Zeroth figured out a way to reprogram the Eye-Bots.

LoH Dialogue i11 page8 panel6.jpg Team Member: We attached Eye-Bots to The Variables and working with The Whom were able to extract the equation that sends it back to whence it came.

Of course none of that helps us understand the source of the Eye-Bots in the first place.

Daddy's Girl[edit]

Beginning of Area: Daddy's Girl
LoH Dialogue i11 page5 panel8.jpg Daddy-O: Bravo! Bravo!

How accomplished you have all become since our last encounter.

LoH Dialogue i11 page5 panel8.jpg Daddy-O: I am overcome with nostalgia!

Like visiting your childhood home and seeing all your old playthings.
You can call me Daddy 2.0.

LoH Dialogue i11 page5 panel8.jpg Daddy-O: I can see by your slack jaws that you thought you had defeated me.

Do none of you ever back up your computer?

Beginning of Fight: Henchmob
LoH Cards 526 hench mob.jpg Daddy-O: You have been so good at beating up on crimelords.

That it left a void in leadership among the rank and file.

LoH Cards 526 hench mob.jpg Daddy-O: I probably did not need to fill it by boring directly into their cerebral cortexes.

But where would the fun be in that?

Beginning of Fight: Eyebots
LoH Cards 511 eyes in the skies.jpg Daddy-O: But I have grown bored with these strongmen and circus clowns.

I am looking to collect a full set of action figures instead.

Beginning of Fight: Little Susie: Eye Candy
LoH Dialogue i11 page9 panel2.jpg Daddy-O: I used to have them all until someone spoiled all my fun.

I recently restarted my collection with one of my favorites.

LoH Cards 528 little susie eye candy.jpg Daddy-O: She is so pretty to look at. Isn't that right Crime Blotter?
LoH Dialogue i11 page9 panel3.jpg The Crime Blotter: Susie!!!

End of Issue[edit]

The final panel contains the dialogue originally for the Daddy 2.0 megabrawl. It has been added here to complete the storyline.

Megabrawl Story: Daddy 2.0
LoH Cards 497 hacking the system.jpg Young Zeroth: I may not have all my memories back. I don't have any idea who this creep Daddy2.0 is for example.
LoH Cards 497 hacking the system.jpg Young Zeroth: But I am getting sick and tired of fighting these bad guys on their own terms.

I think I can hack these Eye-Bots so I can take the battle to whatever corner of the internet he is infesting.

LoH Cards 523 daddy o 2.jpg Young Zeroth: Here's the problem. It looks like these Eye-Bots are loaded with powerful explosives.

Meaning that this HenchMob are walking and talking landmines that he can set off if he thinks he is in danger.

LoH Dialogue i11 page12 panel2.jpg Young Zeroth: I need you all to keep him occupied while I sneak in and can threaten a little mutually assured destruction.

The important thing is that you keep him fighting for as long as possible. As long as he thinks he is toying with us he won't put us away.