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Beginning of Issue
LoH Cards i15 page1 panel1.jpg Moxie: I am glad to see everything is finally returning to normal around here.

You must be happy to be back, PlayerName

LoH Cards i15 page1 panel2.jpg Moxie: I have to admit I was a little envious.

It sounded like quite the adventure.

LoH Cards i15 page1 panel3.jpg Moxie: Zeroth is back to his old self.

The heroes and villains are mostly back to their old ways...
Afterimage: Found 'em!.

LoH Cards i15 page1 panel4.jpg Moxie: And AfterImage is coming to the rescue when I lock myself out of The Harmory.

Afterimage: Just hanging on the hook by the door...again.

LoH Cards i15 page1 panel5.jpg Moxie: I am just looking forward to a nice quiet semester.

And putting all that mayhem behind us...

It's Time[edit]

Beginning of Area: It's Time
LoH Cards i15 page1 panel7.jpg Afterimage: PlayerName! Moxie! Heeeelp!

Everything. Is. Slowing. Down.

LoH Cards i15 page1 panel6.jpg Moxie: It is another Riftwalker but it isn't Zeroth!

There are more of them?

LoH Cards i15 page1 panel6.jpg Moxie: Any ideas on how to cut this thing down to size PlayerName?
Beginning of Fight: Chronarchitect
LoH Cards i15 page1 panel8.jpg Hand of Time: You have been summoned to the tribunal of The Chronarchivist!

You cannot resist the Hands of Time.

LoH Cards i15 page2 panel1.jpg Hand of Time: Everyone is almost in place. The tribunal can begin.
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel4.jpg Chronarbiter: Chronarchivist! You have been charged by your fellow Chronarchs with the high crime of chrono-tampering.
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel2.jpg Chronarbiter: Should you be found guilty the errant timeline will be razed and a new one built in its place by the Chronarchitect.
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel3.jpg Chronarbiter: I am the maker of worlds but today we shall find out what you are made of instead.
Beginning of Fight: Chronarbiter
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel2.jpg Chronarbiter: PlayerName, you have been brought before me, The Chronarbiter, to defend the existence of your reality.
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel4.jpg Chronarbiter: The Chronarchivist has let her affection for Emergent culture ... and fashion ... blind her.

She has been derelict in her solemn duty to preserve the tapestry of time and space.

LoH Cards i15 page2 panel3.jpg Chronarbiter: If you are deemed worthy you will be given the opportunity to aid the defense.

Let the record show that I am treating the witness as hostile!

Cold Combat[edit]

Beginning of Area: Cold Combat
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel4.jpg Chronarbiter: The Chronarchivist's folly has allowed your timeline to not only exist but to spill over into other forbidden realms.
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel4.jpg Chronarbiter: Myriad other possible paths through time and space your world could have traveled if not for her allowing Zeroth's meddling to change it so profoundly.
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel3.jpg Chronarbiter: That she did not know he was a Riftwalker, a nascent Chronarch, makes the case against your timeline even more sound.
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel6.jpg Chronarbiter: The Chronarchitect is constructing an arena and populating it with heroes and villains from timelines that did not exist at the expense of your own.
LoH Cards i15 page3 panel1.jpg Chronarbiter: The last hero standing shall ensure their timeline will carry on where yours now pulses.

It is archival of the fittest!

Beginning of Fight: Cryotechnique
LoH Dialogue i15 page3 panel8.jpg Chronarbiter: In another time, young emergents would have to cope with the bullying of Cryotechnique.

Cryotechnique: Who's the precious little snowflake?

LoH Cards i15 page4 panel1.jpg Cryotechnique: Too bad nobody told you to bring ice to a snowball fight!
Beginning of Fight: Afterimage: Valiant
LoH Cards i15 page2 panel8.jpg Chronarbiter: You are not the only emergent from your timeline fighting today.

Afterimage: Hey! Quit shoving!

LoH Dialogue i15 page3 panel2.jpg Chronarbiter: To determine the outcome you will need to fight them as well.

Afterimage: Aww c'mon! I never beat PlayerName!

Beginning of Fight: Moxie: Empowered
LoH Cards i15 page3 panel5.jpg Moxie: There has to be a better way to resolve this than fighting against my students.
LoH Cards i15 page3 panel4.jpg Moxie: Until another solution presents itself we will have to fight for all our lives!

The Man Who Never Was[edit]

Beginning of Fight: ScarabTron
LoH Cards i15 page4 panel3.jpg Chronarbiter: In some potentialities humans never developed emergent powers at all.

Moxie: Incoming!

LoH Cards i15 page4 panel4.jpg Chronarbiter: Instead they protected their world with technological weapons like ScarabTron.
Beginning of Fight: BreakerTron
LoH Cards i15 page4 panel5.jpg Chronarbiter: Humanity rose above its limitations and externalized their evolution.
LoH Cards i15 page4 panel6.jpg Chronarbiter: BreakerTron was just a small part of how this timeline undermined its enemies.
Beginning of Fight: Johnny TinkerTron
LoH Cards i15 page4 panel7.jpg Chronarbiter: One man towered over all in the Earth Mech Defense Corps and stood tall against any challenges.
LoH Cards i15 page4 panel8.jpg Chronarbiter: Johnny TinkerTron would have been his world's greatest hero. And if you fail to defeat him he will get that chance to exist.

Johnny TinkerTron: Trust me y'all are going to have some pretty compelling evidence of my existence very soon...

Attack of the 50ft Susie[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Hands of Time
LoH Cards i15 page5 panel1.jpg Johnny TinkerTron: I don't know about y'all but I am getting tired of being pawns in this game.

Afterimage: If this Tinker is anything like the one we know back home...

LoH Cards i15 page5 panel2.jpg Moxie: He is not going to let anyone else dictate his fate.

Afterimage: I hope so Moxie because right now he literally has us in the palm of his hand.

LoH Dialogue i15 page5 panel4.jpg Johnny TinkerTron: As my second ex-wife can attest I always say "fight with the one that brought you."
LoH Cards i15 page5 panel3.jpg Moxie: Whaddaya say PlayerName? Are you ready to clean some clocks?
Beginning of Fight: Riftwalkers
LoH Cards i15 page5 panel5.jpg Moxie: I don't know how realistic a plan this is but it sure feels good.
LoH Cards i15 page5 panel6.jpg Afterimage: I will tell you what is unrealistic! Fighting these Riftwalkers without any help from PlayerName!

Get over here!

Beginning of Fight: Big Bad Susie: Worldbeater
LoH Cards i15 page5 panel7.jpg Johnny TinkerTron: Ooooooof!
LoH Cards i15 page5 panel8.jpg Big Bad Susie: The way I understand things is this is a trial by combat...

And Big Bad Susie Worldbeater is not in the habit of losing!

The Heavy Mob[edit]

Beginning of Fight: Dimetrodrone Grunt
LoH Cards i15 page6 panel1.jpg Chronarbiter: In another timeline the genetic experimentations of Dr. Tessera became apex predators.
LoH Cards i15 page6 panel2.jpg Chronarbiter: Never backing down from a fight no matter how big the foe.
LoH Cards i15 page6 panel3.jpg Big Bad Susie: Uh-oh!
Beginning of Fight: Dimetrodrone Soldier
LoH Cards i15 page6 panel4.jpg Chronarbiter: They were ruthless and savage and would have eventually destroyed themselves.
LoH Cards i15 page6 panel6.jpg Chronarbiter: But one of them fought his way to the top and channeled their savagery to make them into foot soldiers in an elite organized crime family.
Beginning of Fight: The Don
LoH Cards i15 page6 panel5.jpg The Don: I am The Don.

My organization runs on one principle. There has to be a profit.

LoH Cards i15 page6 panel5.jpg The Don: There was no profit in Emergents where we come from.

And then there were no more Emergents.

LoH Cards i15 page6 panel5.jpg The Don: Looking at you mutts I am not seeing a lot of profit.

Enemy of Time[edit]

Beginning of Area: Enemy of Time
LoH Cards i15 page6 panel5.jpg The Don: I have built my career, and my army of foot soldiers, by making cold calculated decisions.

I prefer a bottom line style of management.

LoH Cards i15 page6 panel5.jpg The Don: But the real bottom line is that I don't like taking orders from anyone.

What I am saying in my own long-winded fashion is...

LoH Cards i15 page6 panel7.jpg The Don: The Don fight!
Beginning of Fight: Hands of Time
LoH Cards i15 page6 panel8.jpg The Don: What are you waiting for? Clobber something!
LoH Cards i15 page7 panel2.jpg Cryotechnique: This Don guy is pretty cold-blooded.

Henchman: I like it!

LoH Cards i15 page7 panel5.jpg Chronarchitect: There is one constant across all your timelines. Your race is the most willful of any we have ever encountered.
LoH Cards i15 page7 panel6.jpg Chronarchitect: We will need to take a stronger hand with you to break that will.
Beginning of Fight: Riftwalkers
LoH Cards i15 page7 panel4.jpg Afterimage: Why does it always have to be Riftwalkers? Ummm...PlayerName? A little help here...again?
Beginning of Fight: Antichronarch
LoH Cards i15 page7 panel7.jpg Chronarchivist: I hate to ruin everyone's fun here.

I know I am supposed to just sit here quietly while my fate is being decided.

LoH Cards i15 page7 panel7.jpg Chronarchivist: But if all these Hands of Time have been summoned here...

Who is guarding you know who?

LoH Dialogue i15 page7 panel8.jpg Chronarbiter: The Dark One can't possibly escape?

Can she?

LoH Cards i15 page8 panel1.jpg Antichronarch: Not only did those damnable guards who have kept me in stasis for so many millennia abandon their watch...
LoH Cards i15 page8 panel3.jpg Antichronarch: How deliciously ironic to see one of those members being judged herself.

Dear, perfect Chronarchivist. What could you have possibly done to bring this upon yourself?

LoH Cards i15 page8 panel4.jpg Antichronarch: Now that I am free of your hand's grip you will find I am not so easy to recapture.
LoH Cards i15 page8 panel6.jpg Antichronarch: When I can destroy you with just a touch of my finger.
LoH Cards i15 page8 panel7.jpg Afterimage: She just evaporated those Hands of Time with a finger!

Moxie: Chronarchivist! Who is she?

LoH Dialogue i15 page8 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: She was once one of the Chronarchs but grew weary with our unending existence.

Where she once studied creation and preservation she now only seeks utter destruction and oblivion.

LoH Dialogue i15 page8 panel8.jpg Chronarchivist: She is the AntiChronarch.

And if she makes contact with any of the Chronarchs it will result in the annihilation of everything that ever was. Or could have been.