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Worm Riders - Number of Players: 5
Need Image Difficulty Energy Experience Bucks Badges Deck
Normal 50 80 (+320) 600 LoH PsychBadge.png Class: Acolyte Rank: 8

LoH PowerBadge.png Class: Firesculptor Rank: 8

Worm Riders Normal Deck
Crisis 100 160 (+640) 1800 LoH PsychBadge.png Class: Acolyte Rank: 9

LoH PowerBadge.png Class: Strongharm Rank: 10

LoH PsychBadge.png Class: Strongharm Rank: 9

Worm Riders Crisis Deck
Card Badges Type Sub-type Attack Defense Card Text
Heed the Call LoH ReflexBadge.png LoH PowerBadge.png Tactical 2 0 +2 Willpower Counters

Gain +1 Willpower Counter for each copy of Heed the Call in your depletion pile.

Shoulders of Giants LoH ScultpingBadge.png LoH ReflexBadge.png Martial 1 2 Your opponent depletes 1 for each copy of Shoulders of Giants in your depletion pile.
Sticks and Stones LoH PsychBadge.png LoH PowerBadge.png Martial 2 1 Gain +2 shield for each copy of Sticks and Stones in your depletion pile.
Throw Down LoH PowerBadge.png LoH ScultpingBadge.png Martial 1 2 Deal +1 damage for each copy of Throw Down in your depletion pile.
Belay LoH PowerBadge.png LoH ScultpingBadge.png Tactical 2 2 LoH PowerBadge.png Lv2: +2 Willpower Counters.

LoH ScultpingBadge.png Lv2: The next attack you play has a 25% chance to deal double damage.

Inundated LoH ScultpingBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Tactical 0 2 On deplete, banish Inundated, the next attack you play deals +1.
Lightning Reflexes LoH ReflexBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 2 2 Recover 2.

LoH ReflexBadge.png: Your opponent depletes 1.

Boiling Point LoH ScultpingBadge.png Martial 1 1 Discard your hand.

Recover 5.

Fire-Proof LoH ReflexBadge.png LoH PowerBadge.png Tactical 2 2 The next 3 threats played against you deal no more than 7 damage.
Not Again LoH ReflexBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Tactical 3 1 The next threat played against you deals no more than 3 damage.
Uncommon Bond Memento 0 0 Animal allies deal +1 damage.

Ongoing: Animal allies you play gain +1 shield.

Unique Card to Encounter
Card Badges Type Sub-type Attack Defense Card Text
Thunder Liger LoH ReflexBadge.png LoH ScultpingBadge.png Ally Animal 4 1 Whenever you play or discard Thunder Liger you have an 80% chance to shuffle a copy of Thunder Liger into your deck.

While Thunder Liger is in your deck, at the begining of your turn your opponent has a +33% chance to deplete 1.

Crafting Items
Worm Tusk
Worm Tusk