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Mastermind (Genesis)
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Mastermind (Tempus)
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Mastermind (Crisis)
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Mastermind (Tribunal)
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Card Badges Type Sub-type Attack Defense Card Text
Going Up LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 0 2 +3 Willpower Counters
Endless Time LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 0 3 The next time you play a Psych threat, recover 3 Allies.
Timber LoH PowerBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 2 3 Your opponent's next Tactical Attack deals no more than 2 damage.
Cryotechnique LoH ScultpingBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Ally 2 3 Survivor 5: Negate the next Ally your opponent depletes.

Survivor 15: Your opponent's next Ally deals no damage.

Your opponent's next Ally deals -3 damage.

Blown Away LoH PsychBadge.png Tactical 1 3 Your opponent banishes their hand.
Overshoot LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 2 4 Ploy: If you're dealt damage by a Tactical Attack, that opponent depletes 4.
Edge of Nowhere LoH PsychBadge.png Tactical 0 5 Your opponent depletes 5 cards.

Survivor 30: Your opponent banishes 5 cards.

Hot Rocks LoH ReflexBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 4 2 Ploy: Negate the second threat your opponent plays this turn, and your opponent depletes 3.

Your opponent may only play 1 threat a turn for the next 3 turns.

Hostile Witness LoH PowerBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Tactical 3 0 Ploy: If your opponent would deal 10 or more damage, prevent it and recover 5.

Your opponent's next threat deals -4 damage.

Chronarbiter LoH PsychBadge.png LoH ReflexBadge.png Ally Chronarch 3 8 Deplete an Event.

Recover an Event from your banish pile.

Negate the next Event your opponent depletes.

Recover 1 for each Event in your banish pile.

Cryotechnique: Challenger LoH ScultpingBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Ally 2 4 If you have 5 Willpower Counters or more shuffle 3 copies of Ice Storm into your deck.

On deplete, banish Cryotechnique: Challenger, +2 Willpower Counters.

Face Off! LoH ScultpingBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png LoH ReflexBadge.png Martial 4 4 Your opponent expends up to 3 Willpower Counters and you gain 1 Willpower Counter for each expended this way.

If you have more Willpower Counters than your opponent they banish 2 of each card type.

If you have 40 or more Willpower Counters play Face Off! from your deck.

Ongoing: Gain 1 Willpower Counter when you play an Ally.

Bewildered LoH PsychBadge.png Tactical 2 5 Ploy: If you would gain a Damage Counter your opponent banishes 2 memento instead.

Gain a Damage Counter.

Your opponent banishes a memento for each Damage Counter you have.