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Mastermind (Genesis)
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Mastermind (Tempus)
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Mastermind (Vengeance)
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Mastermind (Crisis)
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Mastermind (Rift)
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Mastermind (Tribunal)
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Card Badges Type Sub-type Attack Defense Card Text
Going Up LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 0 2 +3 Willpower Counters
Falling Heroes LoH PowerBadge.png Martial 1 2 Your next Martial Attack does +2 damage.
Endless Time LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 0 3 The next time you play a Psych threat, recover 3 Allies.
Foot Soldiers LoH PowerBadge.png Martial 2 1 The next Power threat you play deals +3 damage and gains +3 Shield.
Timber LoH PowerBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 2 3 Your opponent's next Tactical Attack deals no more than 2 damage.
Crossover LoH PowerBadge.png Martial 4 0 Recover a Memento for each point of damage dealt by Crossover.
Striking the Clock LoH PowerBadge.png Martial 2 2 Discard your hand, recover 4.

If Striking the Clock is discarded, your next Martial Attack deals +4 damage.

Overshoot LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 2 4 Ploy: If you're dealt damage by a Tactical Attack, that opponent depletes 4.
Abstraction Martial 0 2 Recover 6.
On Ice LoH ScultpingBadge.png Martial 7 0 Sculpting Attacks you play deal +3 damage for the next 2 turns.

Sculpting Allies you play have a +50% chance to be critical strikes for the next 2 turns.

Hot Rocks LoH ReflexBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png Martial 4 2 Ploy: Negate the second threat your opponent plays this turn, and your opponent depletes 3.

Your opponent may only play 1 threat a turn for the next 3 turns.

Shattering Blow LoH PowerBadge.png Martial 5 1 Ploy: If your opponent deals 5 or more damage, gain +1 shield whenever you play a threat for the rest of the fight.

On deplete, banish Shattering Blow.

Ongoing: Threats you play gain +2 shield.

Foreboding LoH PowerBadge.png Martial 0 0 Recover 4.

For the next 4 turns you gain, at the beginning your turn recover 4.

Banish Foreboding.

Chronarch's Bidding LoH ScultpingBadge.png Martial 6 4 [Banisher] 6.

Negate Ally On deplete effects for 2 turns.

Face Off! LoH ScultpingBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png LoH ReflexBadge.png Martial 4 4 Your opponent expends up to 3 Willpower Counters and you gain 1 Willpower Counter for each expended this way.

If you have more Willpower Counters than your opponent they banish 2 of each card type.

If you have 40 or more Willpower Counters play Face Off! from your deck.

Ongoing: Gain 1 Willpower Counter when you play an Ally.

Otherworldly Enforcers LoH PowerBadge.png Martial 0 0 Shuffle 4 Dimetrodrone and 2 Dimetrodrone Fight into your deck.
FIGHT!!! LoH PowerBadge.png LoH ScultpingBadge.png Martial 5 5 Unstoppable

Deal +20 damage if you have Dimetrodon in your deck.