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Below are all terms which appear on cards

Card Abilities[edit]

Banish - The card or cards in question are placed in the banish pile.

Blank - Blanking a card replaces the card with a copy of the Blank card. This card can still be drawn and depleted as normal, just provides little benefit to your deck.

Critical Strike - Critical strikes do 50% more damage.

Delay - Effects that are delayed will occur at the beginning of your next turn.

Deplete - Depletion is the term for having a card moved from your deck to the depletion pile.

Cards can list depletion as either a number, in which cards come from the top of your deck, or a specific card type which will force a card of that type to be depleted from your deck.

Negate - When a card or effect is negated, that effect does not occur.

On Deplete - On deplete triggers whenever a card is placed into the depletion pile from being depleted in some fashion OTHER than playing from your hand.

Ploy - Ploys activate if the card is in your hand when the specific action occurs from a threat that is used targeting you.

Recover - Cards are shuffled from a player's depletion pile back into their deck.

Survivor - Survivor activates when played if the specified number of cards or more are in your depletion pile

Unstoppable - Unstoppable cards ignore the defending players defense value


Willpower Counter - Willpower Counters are a resource granted and used by various cards. Many cards use them to do additional damage or special effects.

Damage Counter - At the start of each players turn, they suffer damage equal to their number of Damage Counters they have

Card Classifications[edit]

Attack - Attacks are a card grouping that include the following card types:

  • Martial Attack
  • Tactical Attack

Threat - Threats are a card grouping that include the following card types:

  • Ally
  • Martial Attack
  • Tactical Attack

(need to test if Event/Momento apply)

Card Type - Cards have a designated card type from the following list:

  • Ally
  • Event
  • Memento
  • Martial Attack
  • Tactical Attack

Shield - Shields are your defense in a round of combat, for each shield point you have, the damage you receive is reduced by one.

Power - Refers to all cards with a Power badge on them

Reflex - Refers to all cards with a Reflex badge on them

Psych - Refers to all cards with a Psych badge on them

Sculpting - Refers to all cards with a Sculpting badge on them