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Mastermind (Genesis)
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Card Badges Type Sub-type Attack Defense Card Text
Moxie's Missiles LoH PowerBadge.png Martial 4 3 +1 Willpower Counters

For each Willpower Counter you have, deal +2 damage.

Knees and Elbows LoH ReflexBadge.png Martial 3 1 Play 2 random attacks from your depletion pile. Each attack deals +1 damage.

Banish Knees and Elbows.

Fire Sculpture LoH ScultpingBadge.png Tactical 4 2 Shuffle a copy of Fire Sculpture into your deck.

Damage dealt by Fire Sculpture is unstoppable.

The next threat you play deals +5 damage.

Matter over Mind LoH PsychBadge.png Tactical 4 0 The next time an opponent's threat would deal 5 or more damage to you Matter over Mind deals twice that much damage to them and prevent the damage to you.
Billy Stopless LoH ReflexBadge.png Ally Genesis 5 1 Shuffle a copy of Billy Stopless into your deck.

This card's damage is unstoppable.

When Billy Stopless is depleted, banish it. For the next 2 turns, play an additional attack.

Moxie LoH PowerBadge.png Ally Genesis 6 4 Recover 4.

For the rest of the fight, Martial Attacks you play deal +1 damage.

When Moxie is depleted, for the next 2 turns, your Martial Attacks deal double damage.

Professor Helios LoH ScultpingBadge.png Ally Genesis 5 3 [Banisher] 9.

For the rest of the fight, your Sculpting badged attacks deal +1 damage.

When Professor Helios is depleted, for the next 3 turns, your Sculpting badged attacks are critical strikes.

The Abyss LoH PsychBadge.png Ally Genesis 4 5 While The Abyss is in deck, Allies your opponent plays against you go to their depletion pile.

Your opponent banishes an Ally and negate the next Ally they deplete.

On deplete, banish The Abyss, you recover 1 for each Ally in your opponent's deck.

Little Susie: Antihero LoH PowerBadge.png LoH PsychBadge.png LoH ReflexBadge.png Ally 3 3 Little Susie: Antihero is unstoppable.

Each opponent banishes an Ally from their deck.

When Little Susie: Antihero is depleted, banish it. Each Event in your opponent's deck has a 50% chance to be banished.