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  • Strongharm -
Moxie's students are known as The Strongharms. They live and train in The Harmory; an underground complex that contains some of the most dangerous weapons on Earth.
Moxie's students are without question the strongest on campus but she teaches them that it is not enough to hit hard. Strongharms can take a punch -- or oncoming train -- with the best of them.
  • Firesculptor -
Professor Helios' students are Firesculptors. They are housed in the Heliodrome but everyone just calls it The Kiln. It has been built to extraordinary fire codes to deal with the potential of new students losing control of their powers.
Firesculptors are able to output lots of damage -- even double damage -- but do not absorb damage well. For them the best defense is to set stuff on fire.
  • Non-Stop -
Billy Stopless' students are called The Non-Stops. They live and and train in The Locked Rooms. It is a series of rooms without doors or windows and students have to learn how to slip through space and time in order to get anywhere.
Non-Stops can be tricky at first as they don't cause a lot of damage per attack. But their speed allows them to bombard their enemies with a flurry of blows, launching multiple attacks per turn and hitting so fast that they slip past even the strongest defenses.
  • Acolyte -
The Abyss' pupils are referred to simply as his acolytes. They live and train in Perdition and have the most secretive curriculum in all the schools.
These students have a combination of supernatural powers and martial skills which often rely on mystery and fear to be most successful. They recover fast and make their enemies’ allies run away from a fight.