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Abbreviations and Acronyms[edit]

This is a page for cards with abbreviated names or names of cards when are often called by a shorter version.

This is by no means a complete list, please feel free to add to it. Also the abbreviation may end up upper or lower case in chat.

Abbreviation Card
ABP Always Be Prepared
BF Blind Fury
BiL Bathe in Light
Billy Billy Stopless
BR Blast Radius
BWR or BWRO Black and White, and Red All Over
CC Cold Case
FF or FnF References this combo:

The Form
The Function

FP Forgotten Promises
FS Fire Sculpture
FW Fire Wall
GoF or Grip Grip of Fanaticism
K&E or KnE Knees and Elbows
LDE Last Ditch Effort
MEO Missing Each Other
MM Moxie's Missiles
MoM Matter over Mind
NSF Not so Fast
NW Neighborhood Watch
OTB On the Bubble
Pest Pesticide
PM Painful Memories
SB Scoreboard
SIAB Seen It All Before
SR Sibling Rivalry
SSS The Southside Sentry
ToT Trick or Trick
TTU Tag Team Up
WotS Word on the Street

Nicknames and Slang[edit]

Nicknames and Slang is a section for cards in which the card may be referred to by an alternate name which sometimes references what the card does or looks like. Example from Magic: the Gathering, Tim.