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Template Creation Tasks[edit]

  1. Critical path templates
    1. Create Items template - Template:LoA/Item - DONE
    2. Create Hero template - Template:LoA/Hero - DONE
    3. Create Skill/Spell template - Template:LoA/Skill

Content Tasks[edit]

  1. Acquire item data and Create item pages
    1. Requires figuring out how to display item attributes - DONE
  2. Create walkthroughs and tutorials on how to use each screen / mode
    1. Add some generalized strategies about things like Erebus and Gemology
  3. Get Hero data and create pages - DONE
    1. Add Hero skill up / Bless progression

Image related tasks[edit]

  1. Develop methodology for obtaining images for item icons
  2. Find images for misc icons such as gold, diamonds, vip, etc...
    1. create quick reference template such as {{G}} -> JuggGoldImage.png


  1. Update the LoA Sidebar - LoA/Sidebar