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Good as Tanker and Attacker with properly equip,upgrade,dragon soul, mount and gem

recommended Hero : level 45-55 : 1/2 tanker shadow wraith/nethernight in the middle/top front 1 healer in the back bottom (djinni) 1 DPS back row (night sentinel)

make night sentinel as strong as u can (ATK+DEF+HP+crit)so he can survive from first attack enemy angel so he do big damage to your enemy. at this level, it's absolulately no hero can be survive for angel attack for 2 turn except fully casher. build your main hero with advantage of your skill with gem (block or dodge), just choose one cause the bigger point, big chance to release that skill. dont loose your agility with your enemy. your angel and main char must attack fisrt as possible. if you put paladin in front, you can take 2 DPS back row to damage your enemy.

level 45 skill : Shield Slam : Deals Atk 210% + 1300 , targest attack -30% (max level) Shield Block ; player block 42% + dodge 20% for 2 turn

level 50 skill : Finishing Move : Frienzied Regen ( 21% recover max hp)

Level 60 Skill : Thunder Clap : deals 110%ATK + 180 (lvl 1 ) to column of enemies

Level 70 Skill : Finishing Move : Shield Wall