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Bloodsucker   Hero Class Mage Hero Position Striker - Support Tavern Astral Hero Cost 1200
+ Bloodsucker Crest
Development growth ★★★★★★ Hero skill Blood Oath LoA Skills none.png Battle Skill: Increases party's ATK and Max HP by 5% lasts 2 turn(s). Regular Skill: Consume 10% of current HP to cast, deals (155% ATK+1000) to two targets with the highest HP and decreases their Max HP and Heal effect by 5% (stacks up to 2 times) 50% of the total DMG caused will be used to heal the 3 party members with the lowest HP. This skill has a 100% chance to hit and is immune to Taunt.
HP - 3800MATK - 810PDEF - 380MDEF - 380Agility - 195

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