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General Info[edit]

The Astral screen gives access to new skills and features every time you level up you character. You only need to meet the level requirement to obtain the Astral Abilities. Obtaining the abilities is not automatic, you must open the screen and click the options.

Key functions of the game such as Zodiac, Erebus, and Gemology are unlocked through the Astral System

Astral is unlocked at character level 11. Each Astral level gives stats.

Level 11-20[edit]

Level 15 Equipment Enhance

Level 20 Title

Level 21-30[edit]

Level 21 Mount

Level 23 Alchemy

Level 24 Recruit

Level 25 Hero Skills & Team Dungeon

Level 26 Gemology

Level 27 Arena

Level 28 Garden & Drills

Level 29 Clash of Might

Level 30 Team Arena

Level 31-40[edit]

Level 31 Aegis & Zodiac

Level 32 Tidal Pool

Level 35 4th Battle Slot

Level 40 Erebus

Level 41-50[edit]

Level 45 Adv. Taverns & 5th Battle Slot

Level 51-60[edit]

Level 61-70[edit]

Awaken - gives main character the ability to learn the skills of recruited heroes. Example, can learn Mermaid's Tidal Shock
Skill Chest - get Skill Books which are used to learn new skills
Artifact - used to boost stats on main deployed angel and guardians, including backup hero's guardian angel. artifacts are slotted similar to the way cherubstones are slotted; artifacts give in-battle boosts such as healing, increased attack, dodge, hp, etc, similar to the way totems give boosts, but unlike totems, artifacts are not seen on the battlefield.

Level 71-80[edit]

Level 81-90[edit]

Level 91-100[edit]