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Battle against fellow players!

Upon entering the Arena, you will note that there are three doors. The left door leads to the regular Arena. The middle door leads to Domination. The right door leads to cross-server Team Arena (open 11:30~12:30 and 20:30~21:30 each day).


Each day you have 10 chances to fight (there is also a cooldown timer). You will face an assortment of five other players from your server. You can fight them for Arena Tokens, Experience, and Prestige. Winning a fight earns you even more, as well as points that determine your placement in your Domination bracket.

At 12:00, any players that you have defeated will reset to undefeated status. If you are able to defeat all five of your opponents, it will automatically refresh to another batch of five players. At 18:00, the assortment will automatically refresh to another batch of five players.


Every four days (Summer), the top eight players of each bracket (as determined by the points system mentioned in the "Arena" section) are pitted against each other and against other brackets, until a single server-wide champion is crowned; these champions will appear in the Hall of Fame. Those who qualify for a spot in Domination automatically receive prize chests based on how well they place:

  • Top 32: 5,000 Warsouls, Level 3 Common Gem (x2)
  • Top 16: 10,000 Warsouls, Level 3 Common Gem (x3)
  • Top 8: 15,000 Warsouls, Level 3 Common Gem (x1), Level 4 Common Gem (x1)
  • Top 4: 20,000 Warsouls, Level 4 Common Gem (x2)
  • 2nd Prize: 25,000 Warsouls, Level 5 Common Gem (x1)
  • Domination Winners: 50,000 Warsouls, Level 5 Common Gem (x2)
  • Domination Champion: 66,000 Warsouls, Level 6 Common Gem (x1), Domination Emblem (flair)

All players (regardless of placement in Domination brackets) may bet on who they think will win the Semi-Finals, Finals, and Championship matches (wagers taken 5 minutes before each match occurs). You may only wager on one Semi-Final, one Final, and one Championship per Domination period. Each wager costs 500 vouchers. A winning bet will earn you:

  • Semi-Finals: ???
  • Finals: 75 Soulstones, 60 Synth Scrolls, 60 Aegis Shards
  • Championship: 100 Soulstones, 75 Synth Scrolls, 75 Aegis Shards

Team Arena[edit]

Team up with two other players from your server, and fight against random teams from across the entire game!