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ATK Jewel (Lvl.1)ATK Jewel (Lvl.10)ATK Jewel (Lvl.2)
ATK Jewel (Lvl.3)ATK Jewel (Lvl.4)ATK Jewel (Lvl.5)
ATK Jewel (Lvl.6)ATK Jewel (Lvl.7)ATK Jewel (Lvl.8)
ATK Jewel (Lvl.9)Advanced Goddess TearAnnie Pieces
Athena PiecesBullhornChione Pieces
Class A Upgrade PotionClass S Upgrade PotionCrit Jewel (Lvl.1)
Crit Jewel (Lvl.10)Crit Jewel (Lvl.2)Crit Jewel (Lvl.3)
Crit Jewel (Lvl.4)Crit Jewel (Lvl.5)Crit Jewel (Lvl.6)
Crit Jewel (Lvl.7)Crit Jewel (Lvl.8)Crit Jewel (Lvl.9)
DEF Jewel (Lvl.1)DEF Jewel (Lvl.10)DEF Jewel (Lvl.2)
DEF Jewel (Lvl.3)DEF Jewel (Lvl.4)DEF Jewel (Lvl.5)
DEF Jewel (Lvl.6)DEF Jewel (Lvl.7)DEF Jewel (Lvl.8)
DEF Jewel (Lvl.9)Dodge Jewel (Lvl.1)Dodge Jewel (Lvl.10)
Dodge Jewel (Lvl.2)Dodge Jewel (Lvl.3)Dodge Jewel (Lvl.4)
Dodge Jewel (Lvl.5)Dodge Jewel (Lvl.6)Dodge Jewel (Lvl.7)
Dodge Jewel (Lvl.8)Dodge Jewel (Lvl.9)Enchant Jewel
EquipmentEquipment/ArmorEquipment/Armor/Arcane's suit
Equipment/Armor/Black witch's robeEquipment/Armor/Cleric's sacred overcoatEquipment/Armor/Dark knight heavy armor
Equipment/Armor/Darkness robeEquipment/Armor/Dragon leather armorEquipment/Armor/Dragonrider armor
Equipment/Armor/Guardian's chainmailEquipment/Armor/Knight's mailEquipment/Armor/Life overcoat
Equipment/Armor/Templar's scale armorEquipment/BeltEquipment/Belt/Bloodbite belt
Equipment/Belt/Dragon beltEquipment/Belt/Guardian's beltEquipment/Belt/Revenge belt
Equipment/Belt/Templar beltEquipment/BootEquipment/Boot/Arcane boot
Equipment/Boot/Bloodbite bootEquipment/Boot/Dragon bootEquipment/Boot/Guardian's boot
Equipment/Boot/Revenge bootEquipment/Boot/Templar bootEquipment/Glove
Equipment/Glove/Bloodbite gloveEquipment/Glove/Dragon gloveEquipment/Glove/Guardian's glove
Equipment/Glove/Revenge gloveEquipment/Glove/Templar gloveEquipment/Helmet
Equipment/Helmet/Arcane helmetEquipment/Helmet/Bloodbite helmetEquipment/Helmet/Dragon helmet
Equipment/Helmet/Guardian's helmetEquipment/Helmet/Revenge helmetEquipment/Helmet/Templar helmet
Equipment/LeggingEquipment/Legging/Arcane leggingEquipment/Legging/Bloodbite legging
Equipment/Legging/Dragon leggingEquipment/Legging/Guardian's leggingEquipment/Legging/Revenge legging
Equipment/Legging/Templar leggingEquipment/NecklaceEquipment/Necklace/Arcane necklace
Equipment/Necklace/Necklace of bloodbiteEquipment/Necklace/Necklace of dragonEquipment/Necklace/Necklace of guardian
Equipment/Necklace/Necklace of revengeEquipment/Necklace/Necklace of templarEquipment/Necklace/Silverlight ultra necklace
Equipment/RingEquipment/Ring/Arcane ringEquipment/Ring/Guardian's ring
Equipment/Ring/Revenge ringEquipment/Ring/Ring of bloodbiteEquipment/Ring/Ring of dragon
Equipment/Ring/Silverlight ultra ringEquipment/Ring/Templar ringEquipment/Talisman
Equipment/Talisman/Arcane talismanEquipment/Talisman/Bloodbite talismanEquipment/Talisman/Dragon talisman
Equipment/Talisman/Guardian's talismanEquipment/Talisman/Revenge talismanEquipment/Talisman/Templar talisman
Equipment/WeaponEquipment/Weapon/Arcane chimeEquipment/Weapon/Black witch's staff
Equipment/Weapon/Cleric's sacred chimeEquipment/Weapon/Dark knight broadswordEquipment/Weapon/Darkness staff
Equipment/Weapon/Dragon chimeEquipment/Weapon/Dragonrider swordEquipment/Weapon/Guardian's sword
Equipment/Weapon/King's staffEquipment/Weapon/King's swordEquipment/Weapon/Knight's broadsword
Equipment/Weapon/Life staffFeatherFomation Origin
Goddess tearHP Jewel (Lvl.1)HP Jewel (Lvl.10)
HP Jewel (Lvl.2)HP Jewel (Lvl.3)HP Jewel (Lvl.4)
HP Jewel (Lvl.5)HP Jewel (Lvl.6)HP Jewel (Lvl.7)
HP Jewel (Lvl.8)HP Jewel (Lvl.9)Holy Cross
Iron OreL HP PotionLvl.1-lvl.5 Jewel Chest
Lvl.10 Flame ATK RuneLvl.10 Flame DEF RuneLvl.10 Hail ATK Rune
Lvl.10 Hail DEF RuneLvl.10 Thunder ATK RuneLvl.10 Thunder DEF Rune
Lvl.1 Enhance JewelLvl.1 Flame ATK RuneLvl.1 Flame DEF Rune
Lvl.1 Hail ATK RuneLvl.1 Hail DEF RuneLvl.1 Magic Fruit Chest
Lvl.1 Thunder ATK RuneLvl.1 Thunder DEF RuneLvl.20 Forge Jewel
Lvl.2 Enhance JewelLvl.2 Flame ATK RuneLvl.2 Flame DEF Rune
Lvl.2 Hail ATK RuneLvl.2 Hail DEF RuneLvl.2 Thunder ATK Rune
Lvl.2 Thunder DEF RuneLvl.3 Enhance JewelLvl.3 Flame ATK Rune
Lvl.3 Flame DEF RuneLvl.3 Hail ATK RuneLvl.3 Hail DEF Rune
Lvl.3 Thunder ATK RuneLvl.3 Thunder DEF RuneLvl.40 Forge Jewel
Lvl.4 Enhance JewelLvl.4 Flame ATK RuneLvl.4 Flame DEF Rune
Lvl.4 Hail ATK RuneLvl.4 Hail DEF RuneLvl.4 Thunder ATK Rune
Lvl.4 Thunder DEF RuneLvl.50 Forge JewelLvl.5 Enhance Jewel
Lvl.5 Flame ATK RuneLvl.5 Flame DEF RuneLvl.5 Hail ATK Rune
Lvl.5 Hail DEF RuneLvl.5 Thunder ATK RuneLvl.5 Thunder DEF Rune
Lvl.60 Forge JewelLvl.6 Enhance JewelLvl.6 Flame ATK Rune
Lvl.6 Flame DEF RuneLvl.6 Hail ATK RuneLvl.6 Hail DEF Rune
Lvl.6 Thunder ATK RuneLvl.6 Thunder DEF RuneLvl.70 Forge Jewel
Lvl.7 Enhance JewelLvl.7 Flame ATK RuneLvl.7 Flame DEF Rune
Lvl.7 Hail ATK RuneLvl.7 Hail DEF RuneLvl.7 Thunder ATK Rune
Lvl.7 Thunder DEF RuneLvl.80 Forge JewelLvl.8 Enhance Jewel
Lvl.8 Flame ATK RuneLvl.8 Flame DEF RuneLvl.8 Hail ATK Rune
Lvl.8 Hail DEF RuneLvl.8 Thunder ATK RuneLvl.8 Thunder DEF Rune
Lvl.9 Enhance JewelLvl.9 Flame ATK RuneLvl.9 Flame DEF Rune
Lvl.9 Hail ATK RuneLvl.9 Hail DEF RuneLvl.9 Thunder ATK Rune
Lvl.9 Thunder DEF RuneM HP PotionMagic Jewel
Mega HP PotionMinerva PiecesModerate Goddess Tear
Mount Blessing JewelMount JewelOthers
S HP PotionSatchelSilver
Treasure Chest KeyU HP PotionVirtuous Jewel
VoucherX HP Potion