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Guild Boss is an event which you can only do if you are in a guild. All guild members may participate. The objective it to kill as many bosses as possible in the time limit. There are 12 total bosses, so it is possible to vanquish them all. During Guild Boss there are no individual rewards.

Each boss kill will score you (delivered in mail to all guild members present upon boss kill)- old rewards

Rewards as on January 2016

  • 300k gold x1
  • Virtuous Jewel x5

The bosses in order are (each increasing in difficulty):

  1. Giant Grabber
  2. Dark Dragon
  3. High Priest
  4. Alexandra
  5. Stone Shredder
  6. Undead Cyclops
  7. Queen Ant
  8. Necro Knight
  9. Deathly Mourner
  10. Flame Lord
  11. High Desert Warlord
  12. Magic Dragon

Additionally where you guild ranks at the end will determine some additional rewards. The credits earned is shared by all build members and is analogous to how many bosses you've killed. 53 credits = 53% of first boss killed. 784 credits = 7 bosses killed, and 84% of boss 8 killed.

Guild Boss on EST servers starts 5 minutes before Arena rewards can be claimed so it is wise to watch your ranking very closely, especially in the top 1-10, since this can mean the difference in hundreds of Honor Shop points.


-if you don't have time to participate in Guild Boss, you can't go AFK, or simply stand during this event, you still can get all rewards. Simply do some damage on the first guild boss, then quit. You will get ALL rewards for all killed bosses by your guildmates anyway.