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Becoming a Elementalist[edit]

To become a Elementalist you must obtain

Elementalist's License Elementalist's License
from NPC Gremlin Mistress Elia in Branendal Square. This can be done for free if it is your first time to pick a profession, or if you wish to change professions you may pay JuggGoldImage.png 500, and buy the a new license, but you will not be able to use your old profession anymore.

The companion production profession to Elementalist is Charmer

Elementalist Resources[edit]

Trivial Item Locations
Essence of Acid Essence of Acid
  • Emilia's Swamp
  • Abandoned Tunnels
  • Ravaged Lands
  • Separation Gorge
Essence of Ice Essence of Ice
  • Crossroads
  • Burial Grounds
  • Emilia's Swamp
  • Abandoned Tunnels
Essence of Darkness Essence of Darkness
  • Branendal Suburbs
  • Ruins of Greatness
  • Trail of the Drowned
  • Wild Coast
Clot of Lightning Clot of Lightning
  • Azure Creek
  • Old Necropolist
  • Quagmire of Ruin
  • Wild Coast
Clot of Light Clot of Light
  • Arid Dale
  • Oasis of Oblivion
  • Three Spring Oasis
  • Sandstorm Gates
Clot of Fire Clot of Fire
  • Dunes of Recollection
  • Exiles' Settlement
  • Fortress of the Alienated
  • Scorching Yonder