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Icon Name Level Base Exp Base Gold Str Init Vit (HP) Locations Abilities
Cave Ogre Cave Ogre 5 600 Gloomy Cave Instance
Tusker Guard Tusker Guard 8 221 Chasm Instance
Tusker Miner Tusker Miner 8 136 Chasm Instance
Tusker Queen Tusker Queen 8 1037 Chasm Instance
Tame Hisser Tame Hisser 10 175 Topor Burrows Instance
Swamp Topor Swamp Topor 10 200 Topor Burrows Instance
Swamp Mistress Swamp Mistress 10 350 Topor Burrows Instance
Swamper Acolyte Swamper Acolyte 10 Topor Burrows Instance
Topor Matriarch Topor Matriarch 10 800 Topor Burrows Instance
Emilia's Spirit Emilia's Spirit 10 1300 Topor Burrows Instance
Captive Spirit Captive Spirit 10 100 Topor Burrows Instance
Swamper Ghost Swamper Ghost 10 1800 Topor Burrows Instance
Sovering Herald Sovering Herald 12 500 Foul Pit Instance
Sovering Soldier Sovering Soldier 12 500 Foul Pit Instance
Putrid Poison Putrid Poison
Sovering Fiend Sovering Fiend 12 1000 Foul Pit Instance
Sovering Demon of Grief Sovering Demon of Grief 12 2500 Foul Pit Instance
Kratch Parasite Kratch Parasite 14 750 Hardif's Gut Instance
Kratch Guard Kratch Guard 14 900 Hardif's Gut Instance
Crabnid Crabnid 14 3000 Hardif's Gut Instance