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There are a variety of buffs you can obtain that will boost your characters stats for a period of time.

Food Buffs[edit]

You can only have 1 food buff up at a time.

Most food buffs come from repeatable quests.

Item Buff Duration From
Pot of Milk Pot of Milk
Vitality 2 30 Minutes [6] Blood and Milk
Loaf of Amazing Bread Loaf of Amazing Bread
Strength 6

Vitality 4

30 Minutes [7] Wonderful Bread
Fisherman's Soup Fisherman's Soup
Strength 16

Vitality 10

30 Minutes [14] Fisherman's Soup
Phosphorite Fungus Phosphorite Fungus
Random Stat 5 (Agility, Protection, or Rage)

Note: You can use multiple of these to stack multiple stat buffs.

30 Minutes Chasm Instance

Tile Fragments[edit]

You can only have 1 tile fragment buff up at a time.

Tile can be obtained from the daily caches hidden in the Graveyard and on Dorheim

Tiles can be obtained for the following stats:

  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Agility
  • Protection
  • Rage

Tile Fragments are then combined for a buff tile whose quality depends on the number of fragments combined, the buff %'s vary based on the quality and stat.

  • Fragile (gray) - 3 pieces
  • Intact (green) - 5 pieces
  • Solid (blue) - 7 pieces
  • Flinty (purple) - 9 pieces

Indestructible Tiles are obtainable through events that will be released later.

Stat Fragile Intact Solid Flinty Indestructible
Strength 5% 9% 13% 17% 20%
Vitality 6% 11% 16% 20% 24%
Agility 5% 10% 14% 19% 22%
Protection 5% 10% 14% 19% 22%
Rage 5% 10% 14% 19% 22%

Crystal Fragments[edit]

In Dorheim you are able to collect Crystal Fragments from some monsters and from the opposing factions Crystal Formation. Turning 20 of these fragments into your fractions Crystal Formation will grant you a buff crystal.

Item Buff Duration From
Crystal Particle Crystal Particle
Vitality 20 2 Hours
Crystal Fragment Crystal Fragment (20 pcs.)

Dorheim Crystal Formation

Topor Burrows Crystals[edit]

In the Topor Burrows instance fights are able to drop three crystals, these crystals can be turned in at the pool for buffs. Multiple crystals of the same type can be turned in to extend the buff timer.

Item Buff Duration
Crimsion Crimsion
Rage 7 15 Minutes
Azurian Azurian
Protection 7 15 Minutes
Verdian Verdian
Agility 7 15 Minutes

Angald's Gratitude Spheres[edit]

For defeating the phantoms for Angald the mage, each week he will gift you a sphere that significantly buffs your stats.

Item Buff Duration Rounds Defeated
Small Transparent Sphere Small Transparent Sphere
Strength 24

Vitality 20

2 Hours 2
Small Sphere of Bellicosity Small Sphere of Bellicosity
Strength 32

Vitality 27

2 Hours 3
Medium Transparent Sphere Medium Transparent Sphere
Strength 42

Vitality 35

2 Hours 4
Medium Sphere of Bellicosity Medium Sphere of Bellicosity
Strength 55

Vitality 46

2 Hours 5
Large Ghostly Sphere Large Ghostly Sphere
Strength 73

Vitality 61

2 Hours 6
Large Sphere of Bellicosity Large Sphere of Bellicosity
Strength 96

Vitality 80

2 Hours 7
Great Transparent Sphere Great Transparent Sphere
Strength 126

Vitality 105

2 Hours 8
Great Sphere of Bellicosity Great Sphere of Bellicosity
Strength 166

Vitality 128

2 Hours 9
Divine Ghostly Sphere Divine Ghostly Sphere
Strength 218

Vitality 181

2 Hours 10
Divine Sphere of Bellicosity Divine Sphere of Bellicosity
Strength 286

Vitality 238

2 Hours 11