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A Shred of Emotion

Quick Info

  • Who - a maimed erudite
  • Where - Miragul's Nightmare
  • Requires - No previous requirements
  • Phrase - calling

About the Task

"a maimed erudite" is a dead erudite body on the floor just inside the palace. It appears more tattered than most of the bodies littering the area with a note crunched within his grasp. Picking it up gives an overwhelming need to enact revenge.

A maimed erudite body on the floor of the palace appears more tattered than most, and a note crunched within his grasp caught your attention. An overwhelming sense of revenge washing over, you're now driven to kill shadow mephites and shadowy lurkers within the palace so that he may rest.

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What Where
Miragul's Nightmare
Miragul's Nightmare
Miragul's Nightmare


  • Experience
  • Faction: Dream Delvers

Related Items

No items. Either the quest requires no items, or data has not been input.

NPC Location Info

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