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Defend What?

Quick Info

  • Who - Deputy Asler
  • Where - Al'Kabor's Nightmare
  • Requires - No previous requirements
  • Phrase - protect

About the Task

Deputy Asler is on the first island where you zone in (Misty Thicket), atop the wall.

Deputy Asler is the only remaining Rivervale Deputy guarding the wall, and as one of the first adventurers he's seen for days, he has ordered you to protect the wall from intruders. Intruders to which direction is unknown, but there seems to be a lot of enemies around nonetheless.

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What Where
Al'Kabor's Nightmare
Al'Kabor's Nightmare
Al'Kabor's Nightmare
Al'Kabor's Nightmare


  • Experience
  • Faction: Dream Delvers

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NPC Location Info

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