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Linking to pages in the wiki is a fundamental think and makes navigation easier. So how do we go about creating a link? What types of links are there? What if I want to link to another site? That is what this article aims to answer

Linking to any Page in the wiki[edit]

It is important that you understand How to edit a Page, in order to link to a page, because you will have to edit a page in order to add a link.

Any page in the wiki can be directly linked to. All you really need to know is a page name such a RoF. This section of the link tutorial will cover not only how we make the RoF link but also make it say something like Rain of Fear.

Now we have all the information we need to construct a link. For our example we will be using the page RoF. It is very simple copy and paste the following into an article.


This will produce: RoF

The double brackets mean that this is a link inside the wiki and to link to that page. But zoy, you promised us the ability to do Rain of Fear. Alright. that is not much different. The syntax is almost identical, just add a pipe | after the page name in the wiki and the text you would like it to say like so:

[[RoF|Rain of Fear is the Best]]

This will produce: Rain of Fear is the Best

So now you should be able to comfortably link to anything in the wiki, however it gets better because there are shortcuts. Other tutorials will go over them in detail!

Linking to a non-wiki page (also called External Page)[edit]

So there is a very good reference to something on another site and you would like to create a hyper link to it. Not a problem the wiki supports this too. The syntax is very similar to the internal wiki links. You can actually even use this method to link to things inside zoywiki which are for one reason or another difficult to link to. This tidbit of knowledge you will find useful.

Here is how you do it:


This will produce: [1]

So very similar the inside wiki link but it has some drawbacks so we will cover how to overcome those drawbacks, such as why does it say [1]? Let's first explain how to make a "external" link have a different link text which is basically required when using external links.

Here is how you do it:

[http://zoywiki.com The Official zoywiki]

This will produce: The Official zoywiki

However this still looks like it is an external link, as it has a badge next to it indicating it is an external link. So how do we trick the wiki into not doing that? Well this is a bit more advanced, but entirely doable, just use the code below and it will work fine.

Here is an example with a plain link, but an external url

<span class="plainlinks">[http://zoywiki.com/RoF Rain of Fear on zoywiki]</span>

This will produce: Rain of Fear on zoywiki

What you should have learned so far:

  1. How to link to any wiki page
  2. How to link to any wiki page and display alternate text
  3. How to create an external link
  4. How to create an external link with any text displayed
  5. How to create an external link with any text displayed and hide the external link badge
  6. Going further: Learning the shortcut link templates is helpful and makes it so when changes are applied to the site your links will automatically work.