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This tutorial is going to cover how to edit pages sections, and identify sub pages more clearly since almost all content you see on the site is actually on a sub page that is magically included into the parent page.

Before beginning this tutorial you should be comfortable with the Beginner tutorial: How to edit a Page.

Identifying Pages without Content[edit]

For this tutorial example I am going to use a page at the time of this writing which is incomplete: RoF/Zones/breedinggrounds. However images will explain everything.

This is what the page looks like at the time of the tutorial being written.

RoF helping How to edit a page03.png

Notice all the red/orange colored links. And possibly some others. Well here is this handy dandy table to explain it to you:

Link style Type
blue link link to a page that currently exists
dark blue link link to a page that you have already visited
red link link to a page that does not currently exist within zoywiki
light red link link to a page that does not exist, but you have visited
light blue link link to a page at another wiki such as Wikipedia
purple link link to a page at another site that has been visited

All these orange/red link pages do not have content. Meaning if you click one of these red/orange links that you will be presented with an edit dialog! This makes adding the pages very fast and efficient. Pro-tip: In most web browsers if you click the middle mouse button on a link it opens a new tab; this can make editing ultra fast.

So why is it some things have a full page name for their redlink but others look more pretty? This is a somewhat complicated question, and is answered in detail in the Advanced tutorial, Linking to something else. In short you will notice that the names like RoF/Zones/breedinggrounds/misc, correspond specifically to what the content in the box Miscellaneous will have, where as the Quests, are links to the page that contain information about the particular Quest you are interested in.

What you should have learned so far:

  1. Some pages may not be complete
  2. How to identify pages with content and pages with and without content
  3. How to open lots of wiki tabs to edit a lot of pages (for example: all the quests in zone)
  4. How to create a new page if the link already exists, maybe not how to put content like you want, but certainly can now create a page that did not exist before.

How to edit Sub Pages[edit]

What is all this sub page nonsense for? Why do we use it? The answer to both questions is to make editing faster and easier. If you only are adding one small thing to a page each time it is much more manageable when all the information may no be available at the same time or tends to change. So sub pages facilitates all that and more. By breaking things up, we make it so just the desired information can be changed, and while changing that information all you can see is that information, so it is not confusing what you are changing.

Ok so lets look at what are the actual sub pages of a zone like Shard's Landing or page RoF/Zones/shardslanding actually are.

  1. RoF/Zones/shardslanding/zones - this lists the zones adjacent to Shard's Landing
  2. RoF/Zones/shardslanding/about - this lists some general information. Basically everything you need to know in a sentence or two
  3. RoF/Zones/shardslanding/misc - This is usually random content, anything from progression info to a listing of Ground Spawns might be in here. Use it for anything.
  4. RoF/Zones/shardslanding/quests - Links to all of the quests in the zone broken out by in game achievement. Minor amount of wiki-fu needed to create list, but since its already all right there, not a problem.
  5. RoF/Zones/shardslanding/raids - this is similar to the quests sub page except it will list all the raids in the zone.
  6. RoF/Zones/shardslanding/named - in a perfect world this would be a list of all the named in the zone. There are plans for it, but this is a time consuming task i have not tackled myself.

Now that is not what ALL of the sub pages are on RoF/Zones/shardslanding, but they are the main sub pages which represent the content of the page, and that is what is important to specifically the page RoF/Zones/shardslanding. Each quest, mission, raid, named, etc would also be a sub-page of RoF/Zones/shardslanding. This is done intentionally for other reasons, not for confusion! It should follow that any zone page should always have the following sub pages: zones, about, misc, quests, raids, and named.

Ok that is fine and dandy, but "How do I edit these pages?" you might ask. The answer is simple and in the magic {{EQ/Zone}} template, I have created magic edit links for you which will link you to edit the sub-pages directly. In general all you have to do is in the little blue box click the edit link in the upper right of the box title. I have pointed them out here below.

RoF helping How to edit a page04.png

Now wouldn't it be crazy magical if the whole site worked this way? Well I have a secret to tell. It does. Now don't hate me for sharing secrets. The whole site is based around this sub-page concept. And you magically interact with the whole site this way. So whether you are editing a Quest, Zone, NPC, or any content at all; it all works the same exact way.

What you should have learned so far:

  1. What are the important sub pages for editing a zone
  2. How to edit the important sub pages
  3. Editing other pages is done the exact same way as zones. MAGIC!