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Creating links to NPCs can actually be done two ways. One way is to create a link to the NPC using AbsLink. The newer and easier way is to use the EQ/NPCLink template. You can use which ever you prefer. However You will find the EQ/NPCLink is easier.

Using AbsLink to link to NPCs[edit]

Since this is identical to linking to Quests, I am going to refer you to the guide for making quests and provide a snippet of wiki markup and leave it at that.

Let's say I want to link to Master Hunter Jilare, in Shard's Landing.

{{AbsLink|RoF/Zones/shardslanding|Master Hunter Jilare}}

Done. For more information on how AbsLink works see: Creating a link to a Quest

There are a few edge cases where you might want to link to NPCs using AbsLink, but otherwise it is up to you to choose.

What you should have learned so far:

  1. AbsLink is a versatile template and can be used to link to NPCs as well as Quests.
  2. For the most part AbsLink can be used, but there is a better way, EQ/NPCLink.

Using EQ/NPCLink to link to NPCs[edit]

So I have worked on this sales pitch for 30 seconds for EQ/NPCLink. What is so great about it. Well the reason this exists is because I got tired of separating out my parameters to my template so I made the EQ/NPCLink template to speed up wiki editing. Basically my wiki-fu improved, to make my life easier.

This template is similar to the AbsLink template, it still needs all the same info, except If I know the full page name of what NPC I want to link to, all I have to do is use 1 parameter for the pagename. Let me show you by example.

So I want to link to the page: RoF/Zones/shardslanding/Master Hunter Jilare, and I want it to look all pretty, linked up auto-magically. So all I should really need is EQ/NPCLink.

{{EQ/NPCLink|RoF/Zones/shardslanding/Master Hunter Jilare}}

Outputs: Master Hunter Jilare

What you should have learned so far:

  1. How to use EQ/NPCLink
  2. Why EQ/NPCLink is superior to AbsLink
  3. Even zoy is still learning wiki magic.