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Detect Virgins[edit]

Obtained during the quest Bring out your Virgins

Nearby Virgins can be detected

There are two kinds of virgins: Children that can only be killed via a certain mod, and non-children. This spell allows both to be seen through walls.

Conjure Void Crawler[edit]

Obtained after completing The Return of Averna

Summons the Void Crawler for 60 seconds


There are two new shouts added by The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection. All of the words of power are actual words in the Dragon Language except for 'Ver'. The dragon language does not have a word for 'Summon' but 'Vah' is Spring and 'Vol' is Horror and 'Vul' is Dark so it's not to much a stretch to think 'Ver' would imply 'Summon'.

Call Averna[edit]


  • Hunter

This shout gives Averna courage and causes her to come to your rescue


  • Summon

This shout give Averna courage and summons her directly in front of the player. Averna casts 'Hysteria' immediately after she is summoned. This can cause higher-level enemies (such as guards) to become hostile, so use with care.


  • Fury

This shout does the same as Ver but Averna also summons two Atronarchs

Midas Morph[edit]


  • Force

Your standard FUS


  • Gold

Transmutes one piece of unrefined Iron ore to Silver, or Silver ore to Gold if the caster is carrying any


  • From

This shout will silently steal gold and silver items from nearby people's wallets. Best used in crowded streets and towns.