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Stabby's Quests are all Death Contracts from Bruma. None of these quests require you to kill the enemy in a certain way, but many encourage and reward you for doing so.

Captain Shadowscale, I Presume?[edit]


  • Kill Captain Shadowscale
  • Steal Captain Shadowscale's Treasure
  • Return Treasure to Stabby

Log Entry:

I must find and kill Captain Shadowscale
  1. Starting the quest
    1. Start the quest by asking Stabby about himself. This will unlock the topic 'Death Contracts'
    2. Ask Stabby about the Death Contracts, he will tell you about Captain Shadowscale and ask you to kill him.
    3. Captain Shadowscale is in Lake Ilinalta, right next to the Lady Stone map marker
      1. If you haven't found the lady stone, you can swim to Lake Ilinalta from the The Guardian Stones
  2. Killing the Captain
    1. The Captain sits at the bottom of the lake, where he is completely protected. If you swim towards him however, he will summon an ice sheet on which to duel you.
    2. Followers will not be able to aid you in your fight against the Captain
    3. Captain Shadowscale has a very strong offense, courtesy of his Shadowscale Scimitar, which has a chance to paralyze. If he paralyzes you there is a very strong chance you won't get back up.
    4. While his offense is good, he wears practically no armor. Keep him out of your reach and try to damage from afar
  3. Finishing up
    1. Once you kill the captain, the ice will disappear
    2. The captains ship is right below the ice, so you just have to swim down
    3. Be sure to take the quest object, the golden goblet
    4. There is a large amount of gold nearby the goblet
    5. Don't forget to loot the barrels. There are three Rum Barrels containing a unique item: Argonian Black Rum

Loot Obtained[edit]

  1. Gold
  2. Argonian Black Rum
  3. ShadowScale Scimitar

Video walkthrough: Youtube

The Merchant of Souls[edit]


  • Kill Tharsten
  • (Optional) Plant Forsworn Weapon
  • Return to Stabby

Log Entry:

I need to find the traveling merchant Tharsten and kill him. 
The contract specifically states I should kill him on the road, and plant a Forsworn weapon near the body
  1. Killing Tharsten
    1. Tharsten travels between Winterhold and Riften He stops to sleep at the inn in Winterhold, and he drinks at the Ragged Flaggon in Riften
    2. Try to catch Tharsten when he's in one of these cities, then follow him as he leaves
    3. You can talk to Tharsten and buy soul gems before he dies. He sells black soul gems which you cannot obtain from killing him.
    4. When Tharsten is killed, a Dragon Priest will rise to avenge him. You do not have to kill the Dragon Priest to continue the quest
    5. Be sure to loot his dead body for soul gems and the plot-item 'Letter to Ulfric Gold-Love'
  2. Bonus
    1. Plant a forsworn weapon on Tharsten's body. That is, drop the weapon near his dead body, do NOT put it in his inventory.
    2. NOTE: If for some reason Tharsten's dead body traveled after he died (e.i. hit by a magic projectile) the game will not register you putting a forsworn weapon near the body, you must put the weapon where Tharsten was when his HP reached 0
      1. If you put the Weapon in the correct location you should know immediately, the text "Objective: (Optional) Plant Forsworn Weapon Completed" should appear
    3. Averna sells forsworn weapons, any one can be used to frame the Forsworn
    4. If you do not complete the Bonus, an Assassin will be sent after you. Making this 'bonus' more of a 'negative'
  3. Return to Stabby and tell him what happened to Tharsten. This will start the quest Digging Deeper

Loot Obtained[edit]

  1. Grand Soul Gems
  2. Business Letter

Recommended Follower:

  • Averna - she sells forsworn weapons, so if you forget you can just buy one from her on the spot. There are also many Virgins in Riften, so you can kill a few on your way towards Tharsten

The Merchant of Slaves[edit]


  • Kill Ranmir

Log Entry:

I must hunt down and kill the slave trader Ranmir.
  1. Starting out
    1. Ask Stabby about Death Contracts to begin this quest
  2. Killing Ranmir
    1. Ranmir's operation is run from a Mine just outside Riften
    2. The mine is filled with Bandits patrolling the area, and Slaves locked up in cages
      1. You can kill the slaves or set them free, either option has no effect on the quest
    3. Ranmir sits at the cabin in the very back of the cave.
    4. He wears Ebony armor, and is equipped with magic staves and can FUS-RO-DAH
    5. When Ranmir is killed, a Dragon Priest will rise to avenge him. You do not have to kill the Dragon Priest to continue the quest
  3. Finishing up
    1. Return to Stabby, and talk to him about Dragon Priests

Loot Obtained[edit]

  1. Letter to Ulfric Gold-Love (found on Ranmir's body)
  2. The Gospel of Yuvon Tafiir (found in Ranmir's Boss Chess)

Bounty from on High[edit]


  • Kill all the Intruders
  • Talk With Stabby
  • Meet Stabby at Night

Log Entry:

I need to meet stabby at midnight under the solitude bridge, he should have some information for me there.
  1. Starting the Quest
    1. After discussing the Ranmir Situation with Stabby, leave the sanctuary and return. The quest starts automatically
  2. Kill all the intruders, then wait for Stabby and Averna to come near you and discuss the situation
  3. After the discussion, Stabby will leave you (he will cease to be your 'follower' at this point) and head towards Solitude
  4. Between the in-game hours of 11pm and 2am Stabby can be found underneath the Solitude Arch, which is just north-east of the East Empire Company Warehouse
  5. Wait until you see both Stabby AND the Drunkard waiting for you, then approach
  6. The drunkard will talk a lot, and then Stabby will talk a lot.

The Merchant of Silver[edit]


  • Kill the Silver-blood

Log Entry:

I must kill the leader of the Silver-Blood family. Stabby suggests I use one of Averna's poisoned apples.
If I leave one nearby him he will eat it and die!
  1. Starting the quest
    1. Right after talking with Stabby under the Solitude Arch, stabby will talk to you about the Metal Barrons
  2. If you go see Averna, she will give you three free Poisoned Apples, there are also a few of them lying around the Dawnstar Sanctuary, particularly near Averna's 'Bed'
  3. The game will randomly ask you to kill either Thonar or Thongvor Silver-Blood
    1. NOTE: Thonar is an essential character in Vanilla Skyrim until you finish the quest The Forsworn Conspiracy. However, this mod makes him un-essential, meaning you can kill him and then be unable to complete the Forsworn Conspiracy. It is up to the player to decide whether to do that quest first or not
  4. You do not have to use the Poisoned Apples to kill the Silver-Blood
  5. When The Silver-Blood is killed, a Dragon Priest will rise to avenge him. You do not have to kill the Dragon Priest to continue the quest

Loot Obtained[edit]

The Merchants of Gold[edit]


  • Kill Ulfric Gold-Love
  • Kill Alicia Gold-Love
  • Kill Susan Gold-Love

Log Entry:

I must kill the entire Gold-Love family. Ulfric stays in his office at the East Empire Warehouse. 
His Daughter hangs out at the Winking Skeever, and his wife can be found in the blue palace.
  1. Starting the quest
    1. After finishing The Merchant of Silver, return to the Danwstar sanctuary and ask Stabby what he found out about the East Empire Trading Company
    2. You can ask Stabby about each individual you have to kill. Asking about Susan Gold-Love will trigger Stabby to help you lure her away into a dark alley
  2. Killing the Gold-Loves
    1. Susan is in the Winking Skeever in Solitude.
      1. If you ask Stabby about her, he will head out to the Winking Skeever, there he will pretend to hit on Susan, and convince her to follow him to his 'Mansion'. Meet Stabby at the bar, then follow the two out into the dark alley. Kill Susan when they are alone.
    2. Alicia is in the Blue Palace during the day
      1. around 11pm, she sneaks out of the pallace to meet with a 'secret lover' Follow her at night, when she meets up with her lover it will be in a secluded area. You should be able to kill her without being seen
    3. Ulfric Gold-Love is located in the East Empire Warehouse.
      1. You have to sneak past a guard to get into the warehouse
      2. Once you are inside, attempt to sneak past the patrolling guards.
      3. go up the first stairs you arrive to. Ulfric is at the top sitting at his desk
      4. When Ulfric is killed, a Dragon Priest will rise to avenge him. You do not have to kill the Dragon Priest to continue the quest
  3. Finishing Up
    1. The quest ends immediately after you kill the last Gold-Love. You can return to stabby at this point


Poisoned Apples can be used to kill all three Gold-Loves, since neither one is immediately hostile

Loot Obtained[edit]

  1. A ridiculous amount of jewelry on the Females.
  2. Ulfric is literally on a stockpile of gold
  3. Letter to Tharsten
  4. Letter to Ranmir

The Gold Master Thief[edit]


  • Kill the dragon Yuvon Tafiir
  • Steal the Treasure in Yuvon Tafiir's Cave

Log Entry:

I must find the Dragon Yuvon TaffirIn near Peryite's shrine in the Reach, and kill him. 
I should also rifle through his supposed horde of treasure. For the Dark Brotherhood, of course.
  1. Starting the Quest
    1. You must finish DBR/Digging_Deeper
    2. Talk to Stabby about Death Contracts
    3. Mention the letter Averna gave you
  2. The Final Boss Battle
    1. NOTES
      1. By design the final boss battle is very difficult. It is highly recommended that you take either Stabby or Averna with you on this quest
      2. You can take BOTH followers with you, which makes the quest much easier.
      3. Summon Void Crawler is very effective against dragons, So finishing Averna's questline before this one is a good idea
      4. Stabby is really useful in this quest, since he will save you from getting killed by dragons 80% of the time. Note that he will not save you from a Dragons finishing move (e.g. it bites off your head)
    2. Stage 1
      1. When you approach Yuvon Tafiir, he will force greet you.
        1. DO NOT cancel the conversation by tabbing out, this can break the quest and I'm not sure how to fix
      2. No matter what you say to him, he will get his guards to attack you
      3. After all guards are killed, Yuvon Tafiir will say 'Impressive, very Impressive'
        1. NOTE: especially if you use 'Call Averna' during this quest, some guards may flee the battle and hide. You will have to find them all and kill them for the quest to continue
    3. Stage 2
      1. Yuvon will mention 'Humans are not the only ones who will kill for profit'
      2. Dragons will now start attacking you. There will be two or three depending on your save file.
      3. You must kill ALL the dragons (besides Yuvon) for this stage to continue
    4. Stage 3
      1. When the other dragons are killed, Yuvon will say something like 'The assassin is a Dovakiin?' and then he will attack
      2. Kill Yuvon Tafiir to finish the boss battle

NOTE: There is a KNOWN bug in older versions where the quest marker sends you to the wrong location after you kill Yuvon Tafiir. You should instead go into the abandoned silver mine, right next to where YuvonTafiir was

NOTE NOTE: If Yuvon refuses to talk to you after completing a stage, you can 'jolt' him with a magic attack or arrow. This should cause him to re-evaluate his package stack, which typically means he will take off, land again, and then say his monologue

Yuvon TafiirIn's Treasury[edit]

  1. The last thing to do is raid Yuvon TafiirIn's Treasury

Enter the Hidden Silver Mine[edit]

  1. Immediately when you enter, take the passage to the left in order to avoid the high level enemies
  2. Kill the folks, then pull the lever to enter the Silver Room
  3. There are several goblets in this room.
    1. If you pick up the right goblet, the passage forward will open
    2. If you pick up the wrong goblet, a trap will fire
    3. You can place a goblet or any other object back on the pedastle to de-activate a trap
    4. Once you solve the puzzle (solution in spoiler section below), go through the passage, drop down to the first level, and go through the door
      1. You will unlock the shout 'Fus' here if you have not done so already

Enter the Dragon Cultist Headquarters[edit]

  1. Sneak around the Mercenaries in the first room, or just slaughter them all
    1. there are many food items and Argonian Black rum in the barrels of this room.
  2. Make your way through the gold mine, and kill the two high leveled enemies in the room with the weapons stockpile
  3. The first puzzle door must be solved using the Ruby claw, this should be on a table in the same room as the puzzle door
  4. The second puzzle door can only be solved using Yuvon's Diamond Dragon Claw, which is locked in the Dwemer Safe
    1. The Dwemer Safe will only open if you hit it with the correct sequence of spells
      1. Reading Lorre's journals will give you a hint
      2. There are 4 spells you must cast, scrolls for each spell can be found in Lorre's room
      3. Once you open the Dwemer Safe, Yuvon's Diamond Dragon Claw inside can be used to open the puzzle door
  5. After the puzzle door, you will see to the right the undead army Lorre talked about in his Diary
    1. You can enter this room for a combat challenge, but you do not have to.

Enter the Ancient Cave[edit]

  1. Kill (or don't, the trigger's don't seem to work) the Ghosts in the first room
  2. Walk down the hallways and pull the trigger to open the door
  3. Yuvon Tafiir rises again! But this time he is Yuvon TafiirIn, Gold Thief Master!
  4. Defeat him and go down the stairs to unlock the word of power Yuvon

Enter Yuvon Tafiir's Master Treasury[edit]

  1. The Dwarven Centurion inside will only let you past if you answer three questions correctly
  2. If you answer one of his questions wrong, you will have to defeat a Dwarven Centurion to move on to the next question
  3. Attacking the Dwarven Centurion is not a good idea, as the other 4 in the room will wake up and come to his defense
  4. Once you answer all three questions correctly, the Centurion will open the door to the Treasury
  5. The door to the Treasury is a Master-level lock. Meaning it CAN be picked if you are skilled enough
  6. The Treasury contains, well... a Ton of Treasure! Including the last shout Nol