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5th of Suns Height 134 I have enchanted many weapons in my life. But nothing compares to enchanting a dragon bone with a powerful conjuration spell using an overpowered dragon soul gem. During the typical enchanting process you see a small spark or two between the soul gem and the item. But this bone gave off a flash that blinded everyone in the whole cave!

23 of Suns Height 134 The cultists are busy installing a massive safe underneath my office. Master wants the soul gems kept in the vault for some reason. The noise has caused me to spend most of my time with the mercenaries in the upper levels. They spoke of Nords rioting in the streets, rejoicing that dragons have been slain. They complain that security at the headquarters has gotten tighter.

4 of Last Seed 134 This clever Dwarven contraption apparently uses a magicka combination! You have to cast four spells in the correct order for it to open. I have been ordered to issue a number of scrolls for those cultists who are 'magically challenged'

22 of FrostFall 134 We wrapped up the 'undead army project ' today. I'm a little sad that it's over. I wonder what I'll get to do for my master next?

28 of Suns Dawn 135 All the mercenaries have been fired. The cultists cleared out all the upper levels. Outside these cave walls, the sellswords say, the Nords are waging war against dragonkind. Could they really be successful?

30 of Rains Hand 135 The ground moved today. Living in Skyrim you get used to the mountains occasionally shaking. It's scarier when you are underground. The safe fell down but it still works just fine.

26 of Second Seed 135 The grand soul gem shipments stopped coming in. The cultists say they don't know why.

14th of Mid Year 135 I awoke today to find the caverns empty. Not a single cultist in sight. My master isn't here either, I guess he flew off. I have the whole cave to myself!

16th of Mid Year 135 Still all by myself. Haven't been fed a human since the cultists left. Good thing I have my blood collection to fall back on. I estimate I have a months worth of blood here, but I'm sure someone will come back before then.

30th of Mid Year 135 The Dragon Priest woke me up today. He was frantic. He said Yuvon Tafiir had been killed. He threw the dragon bone at me and demanded to know why the enchantment didn't work. I asked him where he got the dragon bone, the one I buried in the master's chambers. He said he took it when they fled the cave. I killed the moron right there. The stupid stupid fool didn't realize that the spell wouldn't work unless the bone was buried. In tears I ran to the burial mound and tried to put it back, tried to say an incantation to bring my master back. It didn't work, nothing works, I have failed.

2nd of Suns Height 135 I tried to escape today, only to realize that I am trapped! The entrance to the cave had collapsed. The dragon priest had used magic to get in here. Oh if only I could teleport! If only I hadn't killed the priest...

16th of Suns Height 135 Only one bottle left. The original bottle of virgin blood. I was saving it for a special occasion.

19th of Suns Height 135 I'm very hungry. I'm losing control. I have to find a way out of here. It's getting hard to think.

20th of Suns Height 135 The undead! Of Course! They could dig me out of here! Why oh why didn't I think of that earlier? The combination... oh no, what is the combination? Damn it all to Oblivion! I know the first one is firebolt, and I think the last one is calm...

21st of Suns Height 135 It's hopeless. I used up all my scrolls trying to guess the combination. I'm so hungry I can't cast the spells myself anymore.

Something of Suns Height 135 Blood blood blood. By Akatosh I want some blood. I can't think about anything but blood. It tried to blood but I couldn't because I just want some blood so I can blood.


201 Fourth Era?? Interesting day today. This morning I could not hold a pen, could not fathom a pen. Then two men stepped into my office. I ate the first one immediately. The other one just watched, kind of like he expected it. Once I quenched my thirst I could think again, and we started to discuss. Such great news! The Dragons are coming back! Yuvon Tafiir lives again! I told him the army is ready, and the soul gems are in storage. He had no idea what I was talking about. He was so pleased when I showed him the chambers. The cult is coming back, the master is back, I am back!