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Averna's Quests

  • Voice: Meg McDonald

Averna is a master of Conjuration, Illusion, and Alteration Majicka. She is also a master at Archery, Light Armor, and Sneak. Her paralyze spell works on pretty much every enemy, and she uses it liberally. She is equipped with a Daedric Bow by default. If you take her Daedric Dagger away, she will use Bound Sword If Averna's health gets too low, she will get frustrated and cast Harmony which will cause all enemies nearby to stop attacking.

Averna teaches you Shouts that make her more powerfull.

When Averna unlocks the powers of the Void Crawler she becomes neigh unstoppable


Stabby's quests

Stabby is a master of One-Handed weapons, Stealth, Lockpicking, and Light Armor. He carries a single Daedric dagger by default. He has all the one-handed and stealth perks. He is extremely capable at duel-wielding. If Stabby's enters 'bleedout' phase, a Dremora will come to his aid. If the player's health get's to low, Stabby will rescue them by teleporting them to his 'Happy Place' where Dremora buddies can heal.

  • Voice: Jake Washenfelder

Captain ShadowScale[edit]

The primary enemy of Stabby's First Quest. If you go near lake Ilinalta before getting this quest, the captain may 'grab you' and attack, unfortunately he is essential until you get the quest to kill him. If you dive into the water and swim, then sneak, you should be able to get away. Remember: If he see's you and he's in the 'combat state' he's gonna catch you.


Tharsten travels between Winterhold and Riften He stops to sleep at the inn in Winterhold, and he drinks at the Ragged Flaggon in Riften. He is unkillable until you start the quest The Merchant of Souls


Found in a cave that is inaccessible until you get the quest The Merchant of Slaves


Someone you have to meet during the quest Bounty from on high

  • Voice: Jake Washenfelder

Ulfric Gold-Love[edit]


Susan Gold-Love[edit]


  • Voice: Meg McDonald

Alicia Gold-Love[edit]


  • Voice: Meg McDonald

The Dwarven Centurion[edit]

  • Voice: Jake Washenfelder


Yuvon Tafiir[edit]


  • Voice: Jake Washenfelder