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List of known Bugs[edit]

Dirty Mod[edit]

  • Fixed in 1.8
  1. The mod is dirty, needs to be cleaned by TES5Edit
  2. especially the delete of a character in the winking skeever

Averna Voice[edit]

Averna still sometimes uses the stock 'FemaleSultry' voice over. Not exactly a bug, this was a conscious decision made during development. But if part 2 is ever done, would be nice to have this fixed. it would require

  1. Creating a new voicetype for averna
  2. renaming all .wav and .lip files to use the new voicetype
  3. creating a unique follower quest for Averna, similiar to stabby's quest
  4. testing repeatedly, hoping that this doesn't break anything
  5. NOTE: would get rid of the problem during the ritual quest, where she sometimes uses the stock voice acting (TOTALLY ruins the scene)

Voice shouts[edit]

  1. The shouts added by DBR always use the male voice, need to get voiceovers for the females

Starting the quest mod[edit]

  1. Some people who have finished the DB questline still report they cannot get it to start.
    1. Could it be related to the fact that the mod only starts if you enter from one entrance?
      1. I have finished the DB questline, and when I enter from the door that the fast travel icon is at the characters are there, but I can't say anything to them other than "Follow me." When I entered through the other entrance (The stained glass window) I had more options and was able to start the quest. Hope that helps.
  2. from the maker: I NEED DETAILS PLEASE!!!!

Captain Shadowscale[edit]

  • Fixed in 1.8
  1. This guy appears before you get the quest to kill him. apparently many users have gotten stuck by him as he keeps 'dragging them in' this is made even worse by the fact that Bethesda decided recently to put a player home nearby (hearthfire) need to disable this guy until user gets the quest to kill him

The merchant of souls[edit]

  1. It was a purposeful design decision to make the player put the weapon near the body, but jediborg should just allow people to put the weapon in tharsten's inventory to complete the quest
  2. It is possible that Stabby talks about the soul gem merchant, but the quest doesn't start. The bug is not repeatable from different saves, presuming mod list is untouched. Not fixed yet (1.9).

The Merchant of Slaves[edit]

  • Fixed in 1.8
  1. The slave cave has a few portal problems, you can see through walls
    1. awesome picture here: http://s286.photobucket.com/user/Euther/media/The%20Dark%20Brotherhood%20Resurrection%20Part%201/2013-01-28_00006_zps4d96fcc0.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2
    2. submitted by euther who says' "Ran into a bug in the hidden cave... Tunnel not connected or something... see pics Walk thru and turn around..."

"Can't enter into cave to start this quest. I don't know what to do to fix ut, as it seems no one is even bothering with this now, which is a shame, since what I've seen of it is pretty good."

Digging Deeper[edit]

  • Fixed in 1.8
  1. Kam0laz posts a great repro:
First time I activated the mod, it all went great, proceeded to do the quests.
Then, when Stabby tells me to go ask Averna about the Dragon Cult, I kept doing Stabby quests.
Then I found a Gospel book, and Stabby stopped giving me quests.
Went to the Sanctuary, heard all the ramblings they were talking, then Stabby went out to stab some info and I spoke to Averna.
Gave her the Gospel, but the previous log entry (the one that tells me to ask her about the Dragon Cult) did not complete.

Bounty On High[edit]

  • Fixed in 1.8
  1. This quest doesn't complete for everybody
Howdy. I started the Bounty on High Quest and killed all the intruders
(my quest note said that i finished) however neither stabby nor averna
will discuss with me what to do next. Is there a console code (some
setstage value) that can fix this? because otherwise I will not be
able to complete your amazing mod...
Thank you,
Oscar H. King IV
  1. From Kevin Li:
I tested it, reloaded saves, cleared out the entire place, but the quest wouldnt finish. 
I started a new game and started the quests again from the begininning, but I completed them in a different order and got through it.
 There may be some bug in the order in which the quests are completed.
  1. Solved
I had the issue that Stabby didnt talk to me after I killed the assassins. But then I continued doing the main quest, which seemed to prevent the Dark Brotherhood quest to continue. It was after I killed the dragon in Whiterun, Stabby arrived and the quest continued. 

The Merchant of Silver[edit]

  • Fixed in 1.8
  1. Stabby doesn't always appear under the arch at midnight.
  2. from akafreestyles:
Hey freestyles here I got your mod I say it is pretty awesome but one part the part where it says Meet Stabby at Night
every time I see him running to The Sanctuary to Solitude and I keep on talking to him at night and its not doing anything
 its just giving me the normal dialog option
  1. from vaioleta:
Needing help, when i meet stabby bellow solitude's bridge, he talks, the drunkard talks,
 but when stabby thires to kill him he is essential...and stabby tries to kill him forever

The Merchants of gold[edit]

Some are still reporting that this quest won't complete after killing everybody.

  1. LeonTubrok:
The quest 'merchants of gold' will not complete. 
I killed all 3 targets and the journal shows as completed the targets yet not ended. 
when i go back to stabby he just repeats the quest. is there a quest number so i can set as complete in the command line?

The Gold Master Thief[edit]

A LOT of issues with this one. Has to do with the scripted nature of the battle sequence. There seem to be multiple edge-cases that break this scripted encounter, and i don't know all of them.

  1. From varthalabau: "In the quest where i have to kill Yuvon, the dragons remain passive when I attack and turn invulnerable when they reach 0 health."
  2. from adamluff: "In the quest, 'The gold master thief' where it says im supposed to kill Yuvon, I kill all his guards and dragons, but then nothing happens, and I can't kill yuvon either, and he doesnt react at all to when I attack him or anything. What can I do to fix this?"
  3. from (I give up trying to write this name): "When doing The Gold Master Thief, Yuvon gets stuck. After I kill the guards and then the dragons, nothing happens. I haven't skipped any chat, and I have tried to attack Yuvon while he is sitting on the rock. So much so that he eventually just died, but without moving or a completed quest. Any advice?"

Ruby Claw[edit]

  1. In the last dungeon, the first puzzle door requires a ruby key. Some players have never used the icons on the key to solve the puzzle, but instead use the murals on the wall (how they ever where able to read those i'll never know) it won't work for the second door, but should probably put some murals in those hall of stories

Happy Place[edit]

  1. A few poor souls have reported that during battle they are transported to stabby's happy place... without stabby! This is a big issue because it means the user is trapped!

Averna Shouts[edit]

  1. Some people just can't seem to get Averna to give her the shouts
  2. Should probably increase the probability of Averna giving you the third shout. Some complain that they have taken her out and killed hundreds of foes, and still no shout

The Daedric Grimiore[edit]

  1. some users have reported that they don't get a quest marker when they do this quest
  2. could there be some new mod added recently that features LocTypeHagraven?

Detect Virgins[edit]

  1. howabominable makes a good point:
I think there's a problem with the "detect virgins" skill. You mean to tell me that not ONE male member of the Bard's college is a virgin? Come on now.

Crashes during ritual of sorrow[edit]

Many reports on this, but not all are consistent

  1. [email protected] say's he encountered a CTD after the 'rain fire' spell
  2. jacob95 reports that he CTDs "just as all the animations start"
  3. balengo reports: "I cannot end The Ritual of Sorrow quest because I get a CTD just a second after getting the message of completion. I suppose my problem is related to the void crawler as other people have already pointed out: anyone can help?"
  4. kaiseryuu made a wonderfull investigative report:
f***ing love this mod, but completing Ritual of Sorrow crashes the game. I won't be finishing that, it seems.

Assuming it has something to do with ATF setting her as essential by accident. 
I tried a few things, including running away as soon as the QUEST COMPLETED text appeared. It didn't crash immediately, but loading any save beyond that point would instantly ctd.

If I have another follower with me, then the whole scene will be different, the lightning won't disappear and the bubble won't show up either. 
She won't get bound to the pillar, nor will the Daedric Lords honor us with their voices, but I'm not too displeased about them staying quiet. 
Upon hitting her a few times, while my follower watches seemingly amused by the shockwaves, the quest will complete and then the game crashes again.

Tried CompleteQuest, but it would just give me the text and no crash. Upon smacking her with the mace after that, the game would crash again.

Tried spawning a "Void Crawler" to see if it appearing was the trigger, but that wasn't it. Tried using Kill through console on her, which completed the quest and crashed the game.

Tried a save few hours earlier, dismissed all followers, kill-resurrected her, did the whole scene and it crashes at the same spot when she dies.

As much fun as raping someone with a mace so hard that reality crashes, I do wish to see what lies beyond.

Ahahahahaahha. Okay, got it to work now. As I guessed, the fault lay with AFT slaving her as a follower.
 I dismissed her at the sanctuary, killed her, resurrected her. 
Then I took her RefId into console and travelled to the Boethiah-Molag Bal love-love picnic site(why is there a statue of Malacath? Is he there to peep?)

moveto player, she appears and starts walking away. Luckily she notices the shrines and walks there then and I could continue on.
 I dismiss my wife-follower right there so she can watch and then the scene plays out. Averna goes out with a boom(it seems) and the show goes on.

I tried save-quit-load to check that it worked and everything seems fine. 
Interestingly enough the save file number is 616, an alternate translation to 666 to what is the number of the beast.
I think I'm gonna post this as is, just as a blog of my 2 hours of testing and messing about with posting a line every 10 minutes as I try to figure out what to do. 

The void crawler comes[edit]

  1. some people have issues getting the void crawler to appear
  2. chetah29 reports that she has appeared OUTSIDE of markarth, at the farm, stable, then mine
  3. Elderina was not happy that averna killed some non-essential npc's during this quest

Averna buggy after quest[edit]

  1. averna seems to be 'backwards' after you complete the void crawler quests
  2. chetah29 reports:
So, i got averna back and now she wont leave this table in the dark brotherhood sanctuary alone for love or money. 
Not even telling her to follow me. Add to that, shouting her name makes her start walking backwards (???) back to that damn table shelf thing.
 Oh, and the conjure void crawler when it wears off males averna appear and fly off upward.
  1. pinguin1984 says:
Had to revert to an earlier save several times and now that everything is finished I can't get Averna to follow, use her shout without CTD or use summon void crawler without CTD. 

Summon Void Crawler causes CTD[edit]

  1. several people reported this