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This walkthrough should get you through the game if you follow it. It is not optimal, nor is it trying to be. However you will obtain all items with this walkthrough. IT should take 2 to 4 hours of on/off playing with this guide.

Starting Out[edit]

This should get you started playing the game, all other sections will be spoiler intensive!

  1. Start Game
  2. Wait 30 seconds to accumulate 30 candies
  3. Click on text "Request a new feature to the developer (30 candies)"
    • A new Menu will pop up with the option THE CANDY BOX, which is the screen you are on now.
  4. Click on "Request another one (5 candies)"
    • A new option on your menu will appear "CFG" which will allow you to adjust some game settings
  5. Click on "Request once again (5 candies)"
    • A new option will appear on the menu "SAVE" which allows you to save and load games
  6. Click on "Request for something more exciting (5 candies)"
    • You now should have a health bar
  7. Click on "Final request! This one has to be worth the candies. (10 candies)"
    • This unlocks the MAP

To the Cellar![edit]

You will get your first weapon and 7 lollipops after this stage

You will need about 600 candies total

  1. Click on MAP
  2. Click on The Forge
  3. Click on the Lollipop above the Firepit.
    • Looks like this: o----
  4. Click "Buy a wooden sword (150 candies)"
    • You now gain a new menu option: INVENTORY
    • Go ahead and purchase the iron axe for 400 candies if you have it
  5. Click on INVENTORY and equip Wooden Sword.
  6. Click on MAP
  7. Click "Back to the village"
  8. Click on A House 2 - the 2nd house from the right on the top row.
  9. Pickup the lollipop on top of the cabinet ----o
  10. Open the left door on the cabinet, by clicking on the parenthesis handle: ()
  11. Pickup the lollipop inside the cabinet
  12. Click on the right side edge of the carpet ~ and pick up the lollipop.
  13. Click "Back to the village"
  14. Click on The Shop, the one labeled "SHOP"
    1. On the lefthand counter are 3 Lollipops, click on each one and buy it
      1. Buy the lemon-flavoured lollipop (60 candies)
      2. Buy the strawberry-flavoured lollipop (60 candies)
      3. Buy the pumpkin-flavoured lollipop (60 candies)
    2. Buy other items if/when you have the candies
      1. Leather Boots - 300 candies
      2. Leather Gloves - 300 candies
      3. The Time Ring - 500 candies
      4. The choclate bar - 800 candies (wait til after cellar to buy unless you just have tons of candy to spend)
  15. Click on INVENTORY and equip Leather Gloves and Leather Boots. Also Iron Axe if you have it.
  16. Click on MAP
  17. Click "Back to the village"
  18. Click on A House 1 - the rightmost house on the top row.
  19. Click "Let's go, then !"
  20. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the battle to finish.
  21. Click "Exit the quest (and keep what you found)"
  22. Receive INVENTORY item: The Map

See the World They Said![edit]

This section focuses on getting to the larger view of the world and finding out where to go next, and things to do. Primarily only unlocking the content available to us.

You will first need to have the INVENTORY item: The Map.

  1. Click on MAP
  2. A new option has now appeared on your map "Back to the map", click on it to get the overworld view.
  3. The following are locations you can now visit
    1. The Village
    2. The Desert
    3. A Lonely House
    4. A Tree

The Village[edit]

This is where you came from, visit here to get to the shops, and other starting areas.

The Desert[edit]

  1. Before proceeding in The Desert, make sure you have the following items equipped
      1. Leather Boots - 300 candies
      2. Leather Gloves - 300 candies
      3. The Time Ring - 500 candies
      4. Iron Axe - 400 candies
      5. Polished Silver Sword - 2000 candies
      6. Chocolate bar - 800 candies
  2. IMPORTANT: You must manually go and equip the Polished Silver Sword, Leather Boots, and Leather Gloves, or they will have no effect. The game does not auto equip for you.
  3. Now with everything equipped goto the overworld map and click The Desert.
  4. After about 10 seconds the quest should complete, if you are having any difficulty, you did not equip your Polished Silver Sword properly.
  5. Click "Exit the quest (and keep what you found)".
  6. New overworld locations are now usable
    1. The Lollipop Farm
    2. The Bridge

A Lonely House[edit]

  1. Inside the house are the following options
  2. Open the box
    1. Answer: The box is locked
  3. Shake the box
    1. Answer: Nothing happens
  4. Break the lock
    1. Answer: The lock resists
  5. Kick the box
    1. Answer: Your foot hurts a little bit, but nothing happens
  6. Ask the box to open itself
    1. Answer: ...you're talking to a box, you know that?
  7. Lure the box with candy
    1. Answer: The box doesn't seem to care
  8. After exhausting all possible options a new option will appear
  9. Take the box with you, you probably need a key to open it anyway
  10. Now when you click on THE CANDY BOX, in the menu, you can see your nice shiny new box.

A Tree[edit]

Round 1[edit]

  1. A squirrel greets you "Hello, I'm The Squirrel. I can provide you candies, and lots of things. I know how much you love candies. But I feel alone in this forest."
  2. Click "How can I help you?", and The Squirrel will ask you some questions.
  3. The Squirrel says: "I will ask you questions. If you answer correctly, the sweetest sweets will be yours! First one: "
    1. Question 1: do you really love candies? (answer in english)
    2. Answer: yes
    3. Reward: 20 candies
    4. Question 2: Now complete this sequence of letters and you'll get a new reward
    5. Answer: C
    6. Reward: 100 candies
    7. Question 3: How many candies does the cnadiest person in the world possess?
    8. Answer: your current number of candies
    9. Reward: 500 candies
    10. Question 4: In an ancient forest grows a very old tree, on which live the most intelligent animals in this world. It is said that this tree has 60 roots, 360 branches and 2160 leaves. How many marks can you find on its trunk?
    11. Answer: 10
    12. Reward: 3 lollipops
    13. Question 5: Under a full moon, I throw a yellow hat into the red sea. What happens to the yellow hat?
    14. Answer: float
    15. Reward: 3 chocolate bars

Round 2[edit]

  1. Click "Sure I am!"
  2. Game 1: Tic-tac-toe
    1. To win game 1 you are going to have to think outside the box because the squirrel plays optimally ensuring a tie game.
      1. That is to say you can go outside the game board to make you 3 in a row.
      2. You will have to fill the board and ensure The Squirrel does not win as well.
      3. Also it is a bit buggy, but a 3 in a row on square 4,8,12 will work (upper left square is 1, lower right is 9)
    2. Reward: The third house key
  3. Click "Thanks, squirrel! Any more challenges?"
  4. Tic-tac-cheat has disappeared on with your life!

The Lollipop Farm[edit]

  1. Click on The Lollipop Farm.
  2. You now can access the The Lollipop Farm, directly from the Menu
  3. Click "Plant 1 lollipop" 6 times.
  4. Lollipop Production: 1 lollipop every 25 minutes
  5. New overworld locations are now usable
    1. The Wishing Well
    2. The Cave Entrance
  6. For now we will ignore the wishing well, while lollipops build up.

The Cave Entrance[edit]

  1. Click on The Cave Entrance
    1. How the cave works is like this, the path you choose does not matter
    2. There are randomly between 10 and 20 screens
    3. You randomly encounter various things
  2. While in the cave you will want to make sure to do the following
    1. Pickup the chocolate bar
    2. at one point, it'll look like there is an arrow in one of the left or right paths, follow the arrows until you see a strange box, click it to pick up the Heart Plug, it'll increase your health by 20%!
    3. IGNORE: "small rocks strangely arranged on the floor"
    4. IGNORE: the Octopus King
    5. IGNORE: a naked monkey wizard - he will destroy you
  3. when you get to the end of the cave click "Exit the cave"
  4. New overworld locations are now usable
    1. The Forest
    2. The Pier
  5. The Forest is going to be a wee bit difficult right now, so it is safe to skip
  6. Let's checkout where the stones in the cave were talking about
  7. On the overworld map, click This spot: get 3 chocolate bars
           (         _    ´'\
    _______| 888    / \      ´'\
   /        88888   |-| 888    :
  |    ¨   8888888     88888   |
  |   888    | |      8888888  |
  |  88888   | |  888   | |    |
  : 8888888      88888  | | ¨  |
 /    | |   ¨   8888888  X      ´'\
 ) ¨  | |       _ | |      888     :
/              / \| |     88888    |

The Pier[edit]

  1. Visit The Pier
    1. Click "Go to the lighthouse by boat"
      1. If you click "Jump into the sea", there will be a dungeon that is not really completable yet. But you will eventualy get to The Lighthouse.
  2. You are now at The Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse[edit]

    1. There is a combo box with 4 questions in it
      1. Who are you?
        1. Answer: I'm a very old cyclops
      2. What are you doing here?
        1. Answer: I live here all day long, waiting for a boat to come. It's been a long time since I've seen a boat, but I must stay here, staring at the sea, because a boat may come.
      3. Why would I eat candies?
        1. Answer: Because they're good for your health!
      4. What is s candy box?
        1. Answer: It is a very old box that is said to contain all the candies in the world. The legends say that whoever manage to open it would have so much candies that anything could be possible.
    2. We can now access The Lighthouse from the overworld MAP
  1. We have now expanded the world that we can explore and play with.
  2. Also now available in The Forge, in The Village, is Lightweight Body Armour - 15,000 candies

Becoming a Wizard[edit]

This section focuses on the small grind to get through the next few locations. You will want to have produced your first lollipop from your farm which should be in about 10 to 15 minutes from now if you have been following this walkthrough.

  1. Click on The Lollipop Farm
  2. Plant 1 lollipop, production should now be at least 1 lollipop every 12 minutes.
    1. If you have more lollipops due to @ work afk, go ahead and do that now.
  3. While doing this section of the walkthrough continue planting lollipops as you get them.
  4. Go to The Wishing Well
    1. Throw 1 chocolate bar in the well
    2. Choose to enchant your Leather Gloves
    3. Equip item: Red enchanted gloves
    4. Optional: Goto The Shop and re-buy Leather Gloves
  5. Goto The Bridge
  6. OMG You are slinging fireballs everywhere!
    1. You should hit the troll 5 or 6 times before you even get to him
    2. You should also get 500 candies and troll's bludgeon, when you kill him
  7. New overworld locations are now available
    1. Sorceress' Hut
  8. Visit Sorceress' Hut
    1. Steal the lollipop of the 3rd shelf
    2. To get an idea of prices of things in here there are the following options
      1. Beginner's grimoire - 5000 lollipops (book labeled ar fb tp)
      2. Advanced grimoire - 20,000 lollipops (book labeled era tho shi)
      3. Cauldron - 100,000 lollipops
      4. Buy the hat - 1,000,000,000 lollipops
    3. Buy the Beginnners grimoire when you are able
    4. If you cannot afford the grimoire plant lollipops on The Lollipop Farm, until you can.
    5. Get lollipop production to 90+ per second. (100/s is the absolute max, takes 23046 lollipops planted)
  9. After buying The beginners' grimoire, you will have access to 3 spells
    1. Acid rain - rains destruction on enemies in the sky and on the ground
    2. Fireball - giant fireball of doom!
    3. Teleport - transports you to a random position on the map, often the start in mini-quests.
  10. Goto The Desert
    1. Cast Acid Rain and kill a bird
      1. Hopefully you will get the item "A desert bird feather", repeat quest until you get it
  11. Visit The Lollipop Farm, wait for the option build a mill to appear
    1. This requires having 10,000 lollipops.
    2. Build a mill
    3. Feed the mill 14,400 lollipops
    4. Feed the mill to increase candies production over time
  12. Kill some time by playing the arcade
  13. Goto The Village
  14. Goto A House 3 (third from the right) - requires the key from The Squirrel in A Tree
  15. Play the game for 10 coins
  16. Game is very random so even if you do everything right you can lose
  17. Visit Sorceress' Hut
  18. Buy The advanced grimoire
    1. Get spells
      1. Erase magic
      2. Thorns shield
  19. Visit The Wishing Well
    1. Enchant Leather gloves to Pink Enchanted Leather Gloves, Buy Leather gloves from the shop again if you need to
    2. While here, throw some lollipops in to get candies, up near 15k candies
  20. Goto The Forge and buy Lightweight Body Armor
  21. Buy the Cauldrom from Sorceress' Hut, you now have the CLDR menu option at the top
  22. Goto the CLDR option
    1. Make 50 Health potions
      1. Put 5000 candies into the cauldron
      2. Mix for 4-10 seconds
      3. Put into bottles
    2. Brew 1 X potion
      1. Put 1 candy into the cauldron
      2. Click Boil, when water is cold click Stop
      3. Put 1 candy into the cauldron
      4. Click Boil, when water is cold click Stop
      5. Put 1 candy into the cauldron
      6. Click Boil, when water is cold click Stop
      7. Put 1 candy into the cauldron
      8. Click Boil, when water is cold click Stop
      9. Put 1 lollipop into the cauldron
      10. Click Boil, when water is hot click Put into bottles
  23. Equip A Lightweight Body Armor
  24. Equip the Pink enchanted gloves, time to face the monkey
  25. Goto The Cave Entrance
    1. Keep wandering in the cave until you find a naked monkey wizard
    2. Engage the monkey
    3. Use Acid Rain and Erase magic over and over until the monkey dies
    4. Use Health potions as needed
    5. Use time slow if you need to
    6. This will take about 8 to 10 minutes to kill this way.
      1. Alternatively, kill the octopus king first and enchant the Octopus King's hat with either stone. This will make killing the monkey a lot easier.
  26. Click Exit and keep what you found and leave the cave.
  27. Equip The monkey wizard staff
  28. Go back to The Lollipop Farm, you should be near 100k lollipops after beating the naked wizard monkey.
  29. Dig a pond for 100,000 lollipops
  30. Buy a lolligator for 1200 candies
    1. Now if you need more lollipops, you can feed it candies for lollipops at a good rate. (this is useful later)
  31. Head to The Pier, and Jump into the sea
    1. Kill things until you reach the Sponge and the Sea snake at the end, which will probably kill you, but you should be able to Exit keeping things you have found.
  32. Head on over to The Wishing Well, and enchant the monkey wizard staff
    1. Receive item: The monkey wizard staff (enchanted)
    2. Equip the new item

To the Castle![edit]

Now that you are a candy wizard you can begin to defeat the castle. Let's focus on what you can do with your new wizard powers!

Castle and Misc Items pickup[edit]

  1. Head over to the ocean
  2. Cast fireball and use any potions as necessary while your magic staff penetrates the enemy defenses
    1. You should receive the item "Shell powder" which multiplies your lollipop production by 3
  3. A new overworld map areas are now available
    1. Castle's Entrance (If you fight this you will immediately notice you probably dont yet have the strength to get through)
    2. The Hole
  4. Head back to The Cave Entrance
  5. Find and engage the Octopus King
    1. Immediately cast Fireball
    2. Use a potion when you are at midlife
    3. You should easily overpower the Octopus King with 2 potions, but 3 might be needed
    4. Use slow time if you need help with reaction time
  6. Reward: Octopus King crown
    1. Equip the Octopus King crown
    2. Brew an X potion, go to any stage, and use it
    3. Kill yourself, you will survive with 1 HP and get the boots of introspection
  7. Goto The Wishing Well
    1. Choose which enchantment you want for now
      1. The Octopus King crown with jaspers - In quests it will frequently cast fireballs around you
      2. The Octopus Kind crow with obsidian - In quests it will summon an Octopus King fighting on your side once in a while.
      3. You can go back to The Cave Entrance and get a new chocolate bar and un enchanted Octpus King crown to have both crowns.
  8. The jasper is probably the better choice, but the obsidian one does have its uses.
  9. Anyway head to the Castle's Entrance
  10. Engage the Knights and use Squeeze, if you have the obsidian crown you will have to time it just right to get past the knights. The jasper crown requires a bit of random luck, but is faster to get past the gate since you do not have to wait for the right octopus king wall. With enough health, you should be able to pass through without any problem.
  11. With either strategy you will need to use the Squeeze ability. With a little luck and some determination you will get through the level which ever crown you have. If its too hard eat some candies get some hp. Get the other crown if the one you have is not working for you. Same with the gloves you have.
    1. Hopefully you will get the body armor if you make it to the exit. If not you will have to repeat the level
  12. Equip "A knight body armour"
    1. You can enchant the knight body armour at the wishing well for more protection at the cost of damage, up to you.
  13. After you defeat the Castle's Entrance, new locations are available on the overworld
    1. The Castle
  14. The Forge now has a new weapon available
    1. A scythe - 5,000,000 candies
  15. Goto The Castle
    1. Use the Stairs to goto The Dragon
      1. Select "Candies" option
      2. The other 2 options take you to 2 really hard fights you are not ready for yet
      3. New overworld location now available The Dragon
  16. Goto The Lighthouse
    1. Ask cyclops: The dragon told me to come here because I want candies
  17. To get the magic item from the cyclops you will have to solve a puzzle.
    1. It is a sort of sliding block puzzle
    2. This is how you read a tile it has 4 slots
\     /
/ 1 2 \
\ 3 4 /
  1. The order matters, each time a tile is clicked, the first time it will do the first slot, then the 2nd slot and so on
    1. T - Reveal/Spawn a tile above the clicked tile
    2. V - Reveal/Spawn a tile below the clicked tile
    3. > - Reveal/Spawn a tile to the right of the clicked tile
    4. < - Reveal/Spawn a tile to the left of the clicked tile
  2. If a tile is already in the way it will waste a move from the clicked tile (this is sometimes desirable).
    1. The number of moves on a tile is represented by the number of # (hashes) on the tile
  3. Special Tiles
    1. --> - This tile moves the row (indicated by the direction symbol) in the direction of the arrow. Rows wrap. (Shifter tile)
    2. T-pipe - this moves the column (indicated by the direction symbol) in the up direction. Columns wrap. T-pipe is a T on position 2 and a pipe | on position 4. (Shifter tile)
    3. <3 - This tile gives more moves to adjacent tiles. Tip find 2 heart tiles next to each other to replenish adjacent shifter tiles infinitely.
  4. To solve the puzzle get one of the double <3 pieces adjacent to the piece in the upper right and add a hash to the piece with ??
  5. Sample solution
\#### /\     /\#### /\#####/\     /\#####/\ ___ /  
/  V  \/ <3  \/ <3  \/  <  \/     \/  V  \// P \\
\ --> /\  <3 /\  <3 /\     /\     /\     /\\___//
\#####/\#    /\#####/\#####/\     /\#####/\     /
/  <  \/  >  \/ < T \/  T  \/  >  \/  V  \/ <3  \
\     /\  <  /\   | /\     /\     /\     /\  <3 /
\#####/\     /\###  /\     /\#####/\     /\#### /
/     \/  T  \/  T  \/ T > \/  V  \/ <3  \/  T  \
\     /\     /\     /\ V < /\ --> /\  <3 /\     /
\#### /\#####/\#### /\#####/\#    /\#### /\     /
/thing\/  T  \/  T  \/  <  \/  V  \/  <  \/     \
\here!/\     /\     /\     /\     /\     /\     /
\#####/\     /\     /\     /\     /\     /\###  /
/  >  \/  >  \/  >  \/  T  \/  T  \/  <  \/  T  \
\     /\     /\     /\     /\     /\     /\     /
  1. After solving the cyclops puzzle, he says
    1. Congratulations! You passed the test and found the stone. It's very precious, but is only useful if you have three other stones like this one. Good luck!
      1. INVENTORY now contains the P Stone
  2. Goto The Castle
  3. Enter in the middle "A big room"
    1. A talking oven says: "Hello! I'm a very old bread oven. I used to cook tons of good pastries, but no one is using me anymore. Maybe... maybe you could help me? Just let me take some sweets from you! Don't worry, you won't refret it! You can trust me."
    2. Clicking "Let the oven take all the sweets it wants to take", results in:
      1. Oh.. you don't have enough sweets, I can't do anything. I'm just the useless bread oven, that's me how you should call me.
      2. To activate the oven you need chocolate bars. Each time you activate the oven it consumes 1 bar and gives you pain au chocolat
      3. pain au chocolat can be exchanged at the The Well for the following buffs
        1. 20% Health increase
        2. 20% Damage increase
        3. 15% Spell cool down reduction
        4. All buffs stack
  4. Goto The Pier
    1. Equip: Octopus King crown with jaspers, Pink gloves, monkey wizard staff (enchanted)
    2. Jump into the sea
    3. Kill sharks until a shark shows up with a red fin or you get the item A magical red shark fin
    4. Exit keeping what you've found
    5. Jump back into the ocean and get A magical green shark fin
    6. Kill sharks and dodge sea snakes until a green fin shark shows up
    7. Exit keeping what you've found
    8. Jump back into the ocean and get A magical purple shark fin
    9. Kill sharks and dodge sea snakes until a purple fin shark shows up (takes a while for it to appear)
    10. Exit keeping what you've found
  5. Goto The Cave Entrance
    1. Wander around until you find markings on the inside of the tunnel wall that look like arrows
    2. Follow them
    3. Obtain A heart plug: increases health by 20%
  6. Goto The map MAP
    1. Next to The Cave Entrance is an asterisk *. Click it to goto a new screen
    2. Click "Climb the mountains to get the thing"
    3. Obtained Pogo stick

The Hole Lot of Candies[edit]

  1. Jump into The Hole
    1. Optimal Equip: Enchanted wizard staff, jasper Octopus King Crown, Red enchanted gloves
    2. You will need The pogo stick, 5-10 antigravity potions, and the Sponge to shrink
    3. When you get stuck use teleport to be transported to the top of the hole again.
    4. With all your ranged attacks you should be able to kill the spearmen without ever engaging them.
    5. To exit the hole (with your loots) take the bottom rightmost path once you have everything.
    6. Obtain: The black magic grimoire, A heart pendant, The desert fortress key, A tribal spear, 4 chocolate bars
  2. New overworld map location now available
  3. Buy/equip Scythe at The Forge, use well to convert LP to candies to be able to afford it.
    1. The Desert Fortress
  4. Goto The Desert Fortress
    1. Choose the middle door, and go afk for 20 minutes.
    2. Receive weapon: A giant spoon
    3. For the right door you will need A summoning tribal spear
      1. the chest has boots: Rocket boots (must be equipped)
      2. Basically you want to make a staircase out of tribes men, by teleporting each time you make one
    4. Choose Left door
    5. With a little timing, luck, jumping skill, anti-gravity abuse, you can make it to the far right side of the room. Shoot black demons til the monster dies. Win level
      1. Receive items: A unicorn horn and A xinopherydon claw
                         ~                                 ~                               ~        
     ~          __________________________________________________________________________          
               /                                                                          \        ~
               |                                                                           |        
           ~   |                                                                           |        
               |                                                                         )o|  ~     
   ~           |                                                                   ____|_|/         
               |                                                                  /                 
               |                                                                  |                 
          ~    |                                                                  |   ~             
               |                                                                  |             ~   
  ~            |                                                              ?   |                 
               |                                                              |_O/|          ~      
               |                                                              | | |                 
               |                                                              |/ \|                 
    ~          |                                  ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   |  ~              
               |                                  |_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|                 
               |                                  | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |             ~   
            ~  |                                  |/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|                 
               |                      ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   |    ~            
     ~         |                      |_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|          ~      
               |                      | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |                 
               |                      |/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|                 
               |      ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   |   ~             
_______________/      |_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|_O/|                ~
                      | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |                 
                      |/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/ \|                 
      ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   |       ~         
      | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |          ~      
______|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|/_\|  ~              
  1. Goto The Castle
    1. Enter the Top Left Door
      1. Unequip all auto cast items such as jasper Octupus King Crown, and enchanted monkey staff. Chain jump with rocket boots to victory
      2. Gain Item: The L Stone
    2. Enter the Middle Left Door
      1. Look for a spot to click near the middle of the room, lights will turn on
      2. Pickup A pitchfork to the left of the fire
    3. Kill nougat monster
      1. Unlocks location in The Castle map, The tower's entrance
        1. This is for placing the magic candy stones in such as the already acquired The P Stone
  2. You should now be making 4500 lollipops per second on your farm.

Killing the Epic Bosses[edit]

This focuses on the bosses not yet conquered, The Devil, The Developer

  1. Goto The Dragon
    1. Equip Boots of introspection
    2. Choose "Challenge"
    3. Spam Black Demons til you win
    4. Obtain Item: The A Stone
  2. Developer Kill! (Easy: added by YinonWerner)
    1. Eat enough candies so your health is over 1,000 [see "Developer Kill! (Hard) for help]
    2. Walk until you stand on the developer
    3. Become a Turtle by drinking a turtle potion.
    4. Use "Erase Magic".
  3. Developer Kill! (Hard)
    1. Goto The Shop
      1. Click merchants Hat and buy for 1,000,000 candies
      2. Equip the Merchant's Hat and Run Devil 2 more times, and eat all the candies!
    2. Equip the magic spoon, knight armor, and rocket boots
    3. Make 3 to 5 turtle potions, some P potions, and some health potions
      1. P potions are for if you fail to kill.
    4. When the developer casts the Spell with the blue and it is coming right for you turtle up
    5. Use health / P potions to heal when low, slow time helps a ton.
    6. DPS him down FTW (Hopefully you can still get some damage boons from panis au chocolat)
    7. If you can't dps because you chose all magic DPS til just before the first wave of projectiles hit you, turtle, and obsidian wall and you might live.
    8. Collect item: The Y Stone

Winning the Game[edit]

Or losing? In any case. This section focuses on how you beat the game

Stones of PLAY[edit]

  1. Head over to The Castle
  2. Kill nougat monster if you have not yet
  3. Click tower door
  4. Place stones on altar
  5. Collect item: A talking candy
  6. Goto the menu screen THE CANDY BOX
  7. The candy says: Hey! I'm the talking candy. Congratulations, you won the game! I will open your candy box for you, this is your reward. Should I proceed"
  8. Click Yes!!
  9. New menu options available
    3. THE ARENA /!\
  10. Congrats Candy Box 2 has been won and you can play on hard mode now, click on THE ARENA /!\ to access it.

Post Win stuff to Do[edit]

Most everything you can do in the game now is optional, but you can most certainly continue to play and tinker around

Sorceress' Hat[edit]

You can farm candies and turn them into lollipops via lolligators, to get to 1 billion LP. Then you can purchase the hat.

Or you could use the computer, which is much easier

Just type "add 1000000000000 lollipops" once the computer is on


After winning the game, you get The Computer, a system console made for tinkering with the game and basically doing whatever you want.You can add candies, lollipops, health, and a few more attributes.